Friday, April 13, 2007

Because I'm A Homeowner Now

Since being in contract for my apartment since the beginning of February, and waiting patiently (NOT!) for all of the components to start working together, the title has become my go-to phrase for everything that I don't want to do. (Although I am still a pseudo-homeowner) Penny hears it at least 45 times a day, for things ranging from why I brought my lunch to work instead of buying it, to not going to some corny bar for happy hour. Trust me, no one can even argue with you when you use that excuse. They are the ones that end up looking like haters.

There must be something in the air/water here in NYC, because practically every female that I know is pregnant. Keep looking the other way; there are no babies coming out of me anytime soon, although my parents have been pushing marriage on me hard since I introduced them to Dirty. I finally told them straight that I was not interested in getting married, and I thought that their eyes would never stop bulging out of their sockets. So, now according to my father, Dirty stepped in shit, he's so lucky. He doesn't have to buy the cow, and he's getting the milk for free. But, if you really think about it, so am I. There were also references by my father to spinsterhood, and old maid-ness.

I am getting excited that I will be shopping for furniture and housewares shortly. I have totally become a Bed, Bath and Beyond whore. I must spend at least 4 of my 7 hours at work on the site. These are some of the items that I am purchasing for the new pad. What is the female version of the bachelor pad? The bachelorette pad...nah. More like the Old Maid pad. I'll take it!

I am also obsessed with buying this popcorn machine. It reminds me of the machine we got free from the bank when I was young for opening an account. It makes the best popcorn!