Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What Team Do I Play For?

Well according to SK, I don't play for any team. Yes, that is right, not only am I doing the job of two people and covering for a third who is out on vacation, SK had the nerve to tell me that I am being resistant to TallTrees_ and training her, and that I need to be more of a "team player".

I hate to admit this, but she made me cry. Luckily, this whole conversation took place over the phone and she couldn't see me. I would hate to give her the satisfaction of knowing that she got to me like that.

Normally I don't give a fuck what she says or does, I just continue about my business, which serves two purposes: a. to drive her crazy; she cannot stand not getting a response, and b. so that I do not make myself crazy.

Needless to say, I lost my shit with her after that, (partially because I was pissed at myself for crying like a bitch), and told her she really needs to re-evaluate her perspective on the supervisors in this unit, and make sure that she is really faulting the person who deserves it.

So that is basically where I am at now. Re-doing my resume, still pissed off, and definitely biding my time until I can really screw them big time.

Cough.... Cough..... Cough..... Hmmm, I think I may be getting sick.