Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks and a Story.

Thanks for all your thoughts for my family and I during this rough time. When my Grams found out I got engaged, she was really excited and was planning a trip to NYC for my wedding. She was happy when she died, like everything was working out the way she planned.

So in trying to move on from being sad and mourning all the time, I am back at work and blogging. Life is back to normal. Oh, and BTW, if you are ever feeling sad, watch the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it made me feel a whole lot better. :)

Now onto my proposal story (Hold on the your hats, it's long):

Picture it: Thursday, May 14, 2009.

Backstory: We were having sushi for dinner and discussing his friend, let's call him J who is getting married in June. Dirty is in the wedding party and the weekend coming up was the bachelor party. We were talking about how his douchebag friend was coming from Boston to spend the weekend partying with them. Great.

Anyway, we were discussing how J proposed to his fiancee, R. Apparently they went to a park by the water in a neighborhood close to us, where he had set up a heart shaped area with roses and candles (he is an architect also, so his interior designer friend helped him), and brought her there after a candlelight dinner on the top of their building. It was all public and so very romantic. Gag me. I told Dirty if he pulled that shit with me, I would say NO and he would be embarrassed in front of strangers in the park.

Fast forward to later that night: I am laying on the bed reading my book, and he is playing with his I-Pod, putting all this awful 70's music on and annoyingly asking me what I think of this song and that song. Of course, I was being a rag, and was really bitchy saying that I just wanted him to turn the music off and for him to be quiet.

So he starts talking to me about one of the building he is renovating at the airport.

Backstory: The buildings he works in are abandoned and any old stuff they find in the buildings, they can keep. Most of the stuff is old duty free stuff from the 70's and 80's, perfumes, pens, cigarettes, junk like that.

He is talking about how they found this gift shop in the building and it had all of this I Love NY merchandise in it from 1980, and he bought me a present.

He hands me this dusty box full of stuff and the first thing I say to him is "there better not be a rat in the dirty, disgusting box". Can you feel my love? I am looking through the box and there are T-shirts, pens, pencils, and little foam apples; really corny stuff. I said, "Um, great. Just what I always wanted, a box of someones else's unwanted junk.", and pushed the rest of the stuff in the box to the floor. That is when I saw the small box at the bottom of the bigger box. It was wrapped in brown paper, and I said, "what is this box for?" and he looked surprised and said that he didn't know what it was.

He told me to open it, all the while still fiddling with his I-Pod and not really paying attention to what I was doing. I opened it and it was a white box, and when I opened the white box there was a wooden jewelery box inside. I was like, "oh well someone is pissed from 1980, because their jewelery got left behind.", thinking it was a pair of earrings or something. When I opened the box and saw the ring, I turned to him and he was on his knee at the side of the bed, and asked me if I would marry him. I was in shock, and started crying.

He put the ring on me, and it immediately fell off. Because I am a moron, I told him the wrong ring size and the ring is too big for my finger, so I am engaged with no ring. (I was willing to slap a band aid on that bitch and rock it like it is my job, but he put the kibosh on that.) We haven't set a specific date yet, but we are looking at November 2010.

So for my girls, here is the rundown: 1.75 carat princess cut, white gold setting with 4 princess cut diamonds on each side. And, no I didn't get to backhand SK with it, since it is getting sized, I didn't have it before she left for maternity leave...

Oh yeah, about SK? Freedom until January 1, 2010.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

July 4, 1911- May 18, 2009

It is finished and my heart is broken. :(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ice Storm in NYC

Does anyone know how long you have to wait before you should change your facebook status? ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emergency Trip

I have moved up my Italy plans to the 25th of May. Grams is not doing well, and has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now. She had a small stroke on top of a lung collapse, and has not eaten solid food for 14 days. She is on an IV, but has lost a lot of weight, and just wants to sleep all the time.

I got a call from my dad at 5am this morning saying that she wants to see my sister and I so that she can go in peace. I was a wreck. (still am, btw.) All I remember thinking was that when she came here for my bro's wedding, she showed my the box that had the clothes that she wanted to be buried in and told me that I was the only one she trusted to make sure she got her wishes met. I hope she was not referring to that when asking for the fam.

I can't handle this.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Quick Notes

Thanks for the support regarding SK baby shower! I edited the previous post to say that, I didn't even read it, which is funny because all I do at work is proofread documents.

I have delegated most of the planning to a staff member, who will do all the work, since in my company "take the lead" means delegating to the peons below you on the hierarchy chain. A $20 dollar cake and some chips and dip. She should be happy with that shit, since no one wants to donate anything towards a gift. lol.


Some sad news, my grams is really ill.

She is 98 years old and has been in the hospital for a week. They are doing a ton of tests to see what is wrong, and so far the only thing they have found is that she had a mini stroke. She is having trouble breathing and won't eat anything.

It's funny because this woman had a pacemaker inserted at age 95 and still flew here for my brother's wedding 3 months later. She is a strong, stubborn lady, but my dad flew to Italy on Monday to be there just in case. Kind of sucks since we were all planning to go there in July for her b-day. Send her your prayers please.