Monday, February 08, 2010


Lots going on in Sloane world, so I figure I will give a quick update:

That number in the title? The number of people on the guest list. About 25 of those people are friends of Dirty or myself. Everyone else is family or some obligation invite that our parents added. Help me.

Some other useless trivia? The florist that we are using did the Jonas brother wedding. Another bit of useless trivia? Our sample centerpieces were also taped for an episode of Platinum Weddings. Famous by association to a bunch of flowers. Keep your eyes peeled for them:

Unfortunately, I am only a couple of platinum short of a Platinum Wedding myself. :P

In other exciting news, I have a few interviews scheduled for the next few weeks. Really excited about both of them, so send good vibes my way. I know it is bad to be making any kind of move in this economy, but I'm done here. I'll get more into it at a later date, but suffice to say SK has a lot to do with it.

Oh and I got a story about how my SIL told me that she will be at my wedding, but that too will have to wait.