Monday, July 26, 2010

40 Days

Everything has hit me this past weekend that I am getting married in less than 2 months.

Ca- Ra- Zay!

We picked our menu yesterday and man, if someone leaves my wedding hungry, they have serious problems. We are having a massive cocktail hour with hand carved meats, pasta bar, Italian deli meats and cheeses, seafood selections, and some other hot food stuff I can't remember right now, and especially for me, a bread station, with like 12 different types of bread, assorted crackers and other carb-y goodness.

So after the cocktail hour, a 5 course sit down dinner, with the works. But what I looking forward to most of all is our Viennese Hour, with any and every dessert you can dream about. You want cheesecake? Sure. A chocolate eclair? No problem. Hot fudge sundae? By all means. Oh and yes, even a chocolate fountain.

And that my friends is how its done the old school Italian way. From someone who didn't want a massive wedding, I have turned into this:

As a closing note, I would like to also mention that July 29th will be epic. Not only is it the Season Premiere of the Jersey Shore, and that I am going for my first dress fitting with veil and everything; I am getting a raise at work for successfully passing my probation period, and for securing a contract with the Feds, yo. That is one more raise than I got while working with SK. I didn't write about my trip to DC here, but I presented my agency for a contract in DC and won. Eat that SK. So now, my agency is in charge of all of the maintenance work for all the governmental buildings in DC. The Capitol, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, you get the picture. Let me just say that having security clearance and sitting in the Senate is freaking awesome. There was nobody there, but still. ;)

PS: Thanks J for the pic. Can you tell I heart it?