Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I haven't been avoiding the blog on purpose or anything, its just that the longer I go without posting anything, I feel silly coming back to it; like does anyone really care what I have to say anymore?

Everything I've written about is obsolete now:

My snarky complaints about how I hate my job and boss are non existent. I know everyone loved a scandalous Sidekick story, but since I changed jobs and I get along great with my boss (especially since she keeps throwing money at me) I have no complaints on the work front. I actually LIKE going into work. Shocker, I know.

Health problems? I've accepted that I have these issues and have been making strides to take better care of myself, my thyroid and my intestines. Nothing action packed there.

Me and Dirty? We've turned into an old married couple after just one year. I love it. We are so well suited to each other, it makes ME sick sometimes. We are enjoying spoiling each other (well, he spoils me and I take it), and we just bought a new car to celebrate our anniversary.

Sidebar: before you ask, there ain't no babies in this uterus. At this point, kids are not on the radar and I'm more than fine with that. I did a lot of soul searching on that point and came to the conclusion that right now, I don't feel that a child would complete my life in any way. I may feel differently later on, and if that happens and I wind up not being able to have a child biologically, then there are other options out there.

Anyway, Dirty is sending me and my sister to Universal Studios to the Harry Potter theme park for my 35th birthday. Yes, 35. Lift your jaw off the floor. He's not coming because he is designing something for my second favorite thing in the entire world and is on a strict deadline. I can't mention it until after it comes out due to confidentiality, but rest assured I am putting my 2 cents in what I think it should look like, and some of my ideas have already made it to the blueprint.

So that's all folks. Are you bored out of your brains after reading this?