Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few Random Thoughts

Since my last rant about my job search, I have been on numerous interviews, and made many more connections in my field. Three of the agencies that I met with have made tentative offers after my first contact with them. I think that these agencies will offer me the best combination of administrative responsibilities and direct client care. Along with competitive salaries and benefits, these three agencies all fit into my vision of how I see my career progressing in the future; there is room for growth within each of the organizations, and opportunities for self advancement within the scope of the field.

Within the next few weeks, after more research and thought, I hope to enter into negotiations with one of the agencies; I think that if a job is offered, I would be employed by the end of September (conveniently coinciding with my birthday). It seems like a long way off, but social service agencies are notoriously known to take forever when hiring a new employee. For example, at my last job, I was offered the position in March, and didn’t actually start working until May. Wish me luck.


At the post office this morning, there were 3 kids playing around with the stamp machine. As the mother was leaving she called their names: Destiny, Kobe and Beyonce. Is this how we are naming kids now? I am of the opinion that if the name would be inappropriate on a legal document or resume, you shouldn’t name your child that unless you want them to go through life unemployed. A child named Destiny has few employment options; would you trust your health to Destiny Parker, MD?


I made a new friend. Go here to meet him. His name is Guy, and he is a really great writer. The name of his blog is This Place is Dead Anyway, and I've added him to my links.


Find out what Oct and I think about bridesmaid mishaps, farmer tans, and who is # 1 on the drop kick list this week on our new podcast here .


Currently, I am obsessed with the song Ridin' Dirty by Chamillionaire. I have it on repeat on my MP3 player. Don't ask. He fits right in with the Smiths, the Cure, the Foo Fighters and Jay-Z.


DT said...

Sloane, LUCK! in your job search...hoping it goes well.

LOL, Dr. Destiny? Well, at least they didn't name one of the kids 50 Cent.

Finished listening to your podcast and put comments on your sister's blog.

Anonymous said...

OK... I heard the shoutout for blog posts and somehow felt you & Oct were talking to me...

I have been a long time visitor to your blog and I LOVE listening to the stories you two share on your podcasts. My day is always brighter when I find you've posted a new one.

Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say HI -- but, please accept my THANKS anyway! You have to know there are many of us 'Kelka Lurkers' out here that do appreciate the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Hey… just noticed that your sister’s blog doesn’t allow comments from us “anonymous types”. So, if you would, please pass along my thanks to her also! It’s clear that both of your schedules are incredibly busy, but you gotta’ know the podcasts are greatly appreciated!