Friday, September 29, 2006

The Haul

I had a really great birthday night with the family. We went out for a quiet dinner, just the parents and my sister. My brother and his wife didn’t come out with us. You know, it is very difficult to go out during the week when you are a teacher and have to get up early in the morning. CoughBullshitCough. Anyway, I'm over it.

Now… down to business. My gifts. I NEVER get gifts this extravagant, so imagine my surprise when I opened them.

My parents bought me the Gucci bag that I mentioned in this post. My cousin from Italy brought it with him when he came in for my brother’s wedding. It has been hiding in my parent’s house for a month and I didn’t sniff it out. My game is slippin’, yo.

My sister bought me a portable DVD player, which is awesome; PLUS, she got me FLYING LESSONS!! On Saturday, I will be hitting the skies, so if you live in the NY area, look up at about 1pm to see me.

Birthday weekend continues, going out drinking with my friends tonight to John Street, provided that it doesn’t rain, and my hair works with me, instead of against me.


s:onthego said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!!

and according to oct's blog it seems that you had more that those gifts, and all of them seem awsome.

xxx, s