Monday, October 02, 2006

I Feel the Need...The Need for Speed

After a weekend of straight partying, I am officially stating that Birthday 2006 was a success, and that 30 looks pretty good on me. :P I wasn’t expecting much more than what I wrote on my last post, (I wasn’t even expecting that much), but after my flying lesson on Saturday, (I’ll get into that in a minute), my sister threw me a surprise party at a NYC bowling alley. It was so much fun; eating, drinking and bowling. Little tip: Bowling during a laser light show and listening to hits from the 1980's will not help your game at all. In fact, you can use that distraction as an excuse as to why you only bowled a 108 between 2 games with the bumpers in use.

Now on to the big things…

This is the type of airplane I flew.

My first flying lesson was awesome. If anyone has the opportunity to take just one lesson, DO IT. My instructor is a female and we have the same name. She is 24 and has had her pilot’s license since age 18. I flew a single engine Cessna, and my sister got the whole thing on video. (When she converts the format, I’ll upload it onto YouTube, so you can see my skills at work.) The day was really great; a perfect day for flying, but it got a bit bumpy towards the end of the flight because the clouds and wind started moving in, but my takeoff and landing were really smooth. The view from the cockpit was beautiful, but flying over Long Island Sound was a bit scary; we hit a few air pockets and dipped sort of low. I had to pull back and raise the plane again. A bit nerve-wracking, but fun nonetheless. Maybe the G5 airplane that I posted as a joke gift for my birthday might not be such a joke after all.

If anyone is interested in taking flying lessons, go here for more information.


Anonymous said...

Flying lessons...surprise party...what a nice way to spend your 30th Birthday!