Monday, September 24, 2007

Go Me, It's My Birfday!!...Almost

Yes, at the end of this week I will officially be "in my thirties". Scary thought. While nothing can top last year's 30th birthday extravaganza, (go here to read all about it), 31 should be just as good. I don't really have anything specific on my birthday list, just some new stuff for my house, and maybe a pair of slippers for me. I have my eye on some big ticket items, but I'll save those for Christmas. As long as I get an ice cream cake, I'll be fine.I am not planning anything, maybe dinner with the fam, some alone time with Dirty and prezzies.

Have I mentioned that I love to get presents? They really do not have to cost much (last year being the exception), as long as they are thoughtful in nature, I'm a happy gal. Needless to say that a lot is riding on Dirty's gift. We soon shall see how well he knows me, and how good he is at picking up the hints that I have been dropping.

As a side note, Dirty found out about this blog on Saturday. Only 2 real life people know about this blog; my sister, and Penny. I have kept it undercover for the most part because I want to be able to write whatever I want and not have to worry that I am hurting anybody's feelings or being politically correct. I don't know how I feel about him knowing about it; I feel exposed somehow. To his credit, he didn't really push about it, or ask to read it or anything like that, so maybe it is me just being paranoid. Any thoughts?


~Penny~ said...

Wait, back it up! He KNOWS as in he knows your URL or he knows you have one. If it is the latter, who cares you have the control. If it is the first one then, how the hell did that happen?

Sloane said...

No, not the URL, just about the blog. We were talking about something and it slipped out. I guess it is no big deal, but I feel like now it is out there, he knows what to look for, even though I didn't tell him my AKA.