Tuesday, September 18, 2007


No, I didn't get a promotion from Sidekick; I got a "Final Warning" memo about my lateness into work. My evaluation is due on Wednesday, so I guess this was a preemptive strike, so that when she fails me on my evaluation, she can say that she gave me fair warning that this was an issue. Riiiiight. I would take that from someone who is here at 9am on the dot, not someone who strolls in later than I do, which BTW is only like 9:10am.

I will be changing my Blog template, which sucks because I loved the turquoise with hot pink. It will be done some time this week, when I find one that is feminine, but is not so girly that it will make me retch!

Kitchen is almost done, I can hardly wait. I will post pictures of the entire apartment once I am done with everything and do a massive clean-up. I'm thinking Thanksgiving at my house. Am I crazy??


~Penny~ said...

yes. It is beyond you know what will happen right, sis-in-law will pop the the little one and steal your thunder...