Monday, September 10, 2007

When Hater’s Attack

I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel like lately I am surrounded by female haters in my life. Forget about the bitches at work, this is personal.

I may have mentioned before about a close person to me who with whom I have had issues with in the past, and I am not trying to seem like a whiny bitch about this but something happened this weekend that really pissed me off.

This person, let’s call her T, came out with me this weekend with the intent that she would stay at my apartment. Dirty was meeting us at the apartment later in the evening. This was supposed to be a “Girls Night Out”. Anyway, she proceeded to get wasted, which I don’t really care about, but what happened next was. She proceeded to call all of her jump-off’s, to see which one would come to my house to fuck her. I told her that I didn’t want any strange people in my house and that if she wanted to hook-up, they could come to get her and she could go with them. I knew that she would just wind up passing out when we got to my apartment; which is what happened anyway. No big deal. Dirty was there when we got home, she was all up in his face; punching him in the arm, making dumb comments about not wanting to hear us having sex while she was in the next room, stupid shit like that. He didn’t say anything about it, but I could see he was getting a little pissed off.

Fast forward to the next morning, Dirty went to get us breakfast, and she lit into me about how since I started dating Dirty I’ve changed and all I care about it myself now.

A little history: She has always been in a weird one-sided competition with me about everything in our lives. When she found out that I was buying an apartment, she decided that she needed to move out of her house and into her own place. When I was looking for a new car, she went out and bought one first. So on and so forth.

She has also been the one that always had a steady boyfriend, where I was always the single one. A few years ago, the guy that she was dating broke up with her because he didn’t want to get married, however less than a year after their breakup, he was married with a kid on the way.

So now that she has been sleeping with half of the population of NYC (unsafely, I might add), she thinks that she has the right to comment on my relationship and how I have changed. I asked her to tell me how I have changed, and she couldn't give me a straight answer. Is it because I don’t feel like putting up with her slutty behavior any longer? Is it because I have finally realized that she is one of those people that are only happy when others are miserable?

It came out that she thinks all I do lately is stay home, cook (when I had a kitchen), and watch wrestling and ultimate fighting with Dirty. **

Now, deep in my heart I know that most of her shit comes from her having a really crap self esteem, and still not over her ex, and being a little jealous about my life, but are these valid excuses anymore for someone who is 32 years old? Is this just someone that I have to cut off and call it a day? I’m interested in your opinion.

**Newsflash: I did the same thing when I was single. The only thing that has changed is that now I get some booty while doing that stuff.


~Penny~ said...

Sloane! Please be straight up with T, I fear for her safety!!

We need to discuss this, wanna do lunch on friday?

rage said...

Me thinks this "T" is jealous of you.