Thursday, December 13, 2007

Money In The Bank...Maybe

I know I have been crap about posting, but I need everyone's opinion.

Dirty approached me with the idea that we should open a joint bank account together. His reasoning is that when we go on vacation together (more on that later), we can pull from that money and not have to dip into our savings or use a credit card. The most that we would put in would be 50 dollars per paycheck; so like 100 dollars a month.

Theoretically this makes sense to me, as having another pile of money to be able to use when I need it, because I am bad with saving money. But, I am no fool. I watch Judge Judy and listen to Aunt Wendy (and Penny). I am still on the fence about this. I trust Dirty with my life, except when I am post-menstrual. I really feel like he is the one...oh shit, did I just say that out loud? So why am I so resistant to this?

A similar situation happened to T, in that she started a bank account with the guy that she was dating for 5 years, with the thought that they would get married, and needless to say they broke up and less than a year later, she was whoring around, and he was married with a kid on the way.

Regarding our vacation: In March, we are going to Argentina for 3 weeks. He has family in the area and another cousin of mine and her husband who is from there are going as well. So it will be fun, with or without the money in the bank.



Mrstx said...

I haven't even read past the first sentance in your post but I cannot, repeat cannot say this fast enough. No.joint.checking.account.

I've been married 5 years and we have separate accounts. We did have a joint account when we were first married, to cash all those pesky wedding gift checks with both our names on it, but it ended badly.

Okay, so my vote is no. But now I will go and read your post and add another comment if I feel like anything else needs to be said. :)

Mrstx said...

Ohhh, have fun in Argentina!

I love Jeff with all my heart but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him when it comes to money. You guys are still don't want jump the gun on fighting about money until after you are married. And you will fight over that joint checking account.

~Penny~ said...

You know I agree with Stella. I ranted and raved for an hour.

Anonymous said...

No joint account.