Monday, December 31, 2007

My Girl

I am trying not to have this blog turn into the I Love Dirty page, but here are two little Dirty stories that thawed my once cold, hard heart:

1. Picture it: Me cooking in the kitchen cooking, Dirty on the phone with one of his boys. All of a sudden I catch the tail end of the conversation: "OK, bro (he's corny, I know), I got to go. I'm at my girl's house and she is cooking dinner. I need to set the table before she's done." First, Can I just say that I love that he calls me "my girl"? I know all the feminists will chastise me for that, but I think it is so cute. Second, not only did he set the table without being asked to, but cleared all the dishes and washed them too. I guess the training program I have him in is working. ;)

2. We were watching TV, and a commercial for the cable system came on. If you are in NYC, it is the one with an old couple sitting in matching recliners. Anyway, Dirty turns to me and says "That is totally us in 50 years; look I even have a comb over!" I died laughing, and after I was done I realized the seriousness of the comment and I didn't break out in hives! Growth, people.

Happy New Year.

May 2008 be a year filled with health, happiness and a little more wealth never hurt anyone! :)



~Penny~ said...

Its about time....:)

I asked the magic 8ball about your engagment and it said in Argentina...

You the 8ball is NEVER wrong!

Lisa Johnson said...

Oh my gosh! You are such a god-send. I was just sitting here feeling like crap b/c of Jason. He called last night and we were just talking and he basically made me feel like crap. He was talking about his goals and all the great things he's going to accomplish (I really do wish him the best and hope he's successful, but he has a track record of not finishing things). Anyways, he has the nerve to tell me that I'm settling for less with my job (which I probably am, b/c I'm getting $15 an hour). And he was asking me if I plan on living with my parents for the rest of my life. It made me so mad, b/c I am doing my best here. I could easily get my own place if I didn't have to pay $800 a month in day care for Autumn. If he would pay me child support and 1/2 of the day care for her and 1/2 of the insurance for her, etc. then maybe I could get my own place. I know I could be doing more, but it's just so hard when my heart is so broken and I'm trying to heal. I really just need to quit talking to him altogether, but I get so lonely and just miss that companionship. Any suggestions? Also, CONGRATS big time by the way on how things are going with Dirty! I am so stinking excited for you!