Monday, April 07, 2008

Take a Break Update-- The TMI Edition

Let me set the stage for this drama:

The infamous "let's take a break" weekend was over and I started to feel a little sick, you know kind of nauseous, and had a really hard time going to the bathroom. Dirty was feeling the same way, and decided to go to his Dr. I decided to get to the gyno, just in case, it felt like a UTI or yeast infection to me.

While I am driving to the gyno, I get a call from Dirty telling me to get checked for STD's. Say what? I am all for safety, but the way that he told me was super sketchy. So I asked him if there was something that he needed to tell me, i.e. that he was banging someone on the side. He denied it, and asked me if I had someone on the side. I decided not to dignify that with an answer, since we all know that the answer is no. The whole situation was surreal and I am lucky that I didn't crash my car into anything. Seriously, in the space of less than one week, my perfect relationship seemed as if it was spinning straight into the crapper. The story is much more long and drawn out, but you get the gist.

Fast forward two days: My gyno put me on antibiotics (UTI) after all, and I got super sick from them. Vomiting, fever, runs. You name it, I got it. When Dirty heard that I was sick, (you know, after taking the 100 "break" phone calls), he came to my house and picked me up. He took really good care of me, feeding me, and at one point threw me into the bathtub and sprayed me with the handheld shower head after my fever reached 104.3, and I was so delirious that I couldn't sit up straight. I put my foot down when he wanted to take me to the emergency room, because I didn't shave my legs.

So needless to say, our break was over. We had a long talk about what we expected and wanted out of this relationship, and I think that he was just feeling trapped. All of his friends are married, most of them have kids, so their lives are pretty stable; i.e. not exciting anymore. His douchebag friend has the exciting life, with the parties, clubs and different girls. Dirty's problem is that he is in limbo right now. He misses that party life, but he is happy to have it behind him; and he is not ready for the super responsibility of supporting a wife and family. So we are on the same page again, and it feels really good.

P.S.: He never went to go visit his friend because I was sick and he needed to take care of me. I think that they rescheduled, but I was happy to see that his priorities were in place.


Stella said...

He sounds like a really great guy! I'm glad that he was there for you when you needed him.

It was a very happy day for me when Jeffs "strip-club loving, drunk ass, walking STD" friend got married. All the guys were planning his bachelor party and he was all, "Seriously girl will kick my ass...seriously!" It's funny how quickly they change their tune one they are the one that is in love.

Anyway, I'm glad that you guys talked it out. Also, sometimes your dr. will give a weaker antibiotic for a UTI but sometimes the infection is resistant to those weak antibiotics. It happened to me and I was miserable. Hope you are feeling better!

~Penny~ said...

I am happy that he didn't go to Boston because I would have kicked his ass!

I am glad you are both back on the same page again. Its a nice feeling right?

rage said...

I feel better now. Glad things are better.

Lisa Johnson said...

So I'm assuming there was no STD problem since it was just a UTI? I'm so sorry to hear that you were so sick but I'm glad that he was there for you! I'm glad to hear that things are patched up. So what's the plan with y'all moving forward? Are you offically back together and back on track to your happily ever after?