Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Been a Bad Blogger...

Since my last post on 12/29/08, a couple of things have happened. To expedite your reading and for me avoiding carpal tunnel, I give you the abridged, bulleted version.

1. I had my disciplinary meeting with Sidekick at our HR department. The funniest part of the meeting was that she couldn't even look me in the eye. It makes her crazy that I am calm and collected in high stress situations. She was pressing and pressing in the meeting to the point where even the HR rep told her to cool it. Whatevs. I had all of my documentation from the doctors, emails to her regarding the temperature in the office and emails sent from me on the days I worked from home (all of which she neglected to mention to the HR rep.). Basically I got a verbal warning and was told to monitor my time and attendance. Considering we had this meeting on the last freaking day of the year, the entire meeting was moot because on January 1, our sick time renews.

2. Since that meeting, I have sent out a few resumes, but it is really rough out there. Hopefully in the next few months something will open up because I have honestly had it with this place. The thing that pisses me off is that the job is easy, the people that I work with are cool, it is just her that ruins it. I can't wait until she goes on maternity leave, so that I can get her off my back. A bit of karma for you: she was told initially that she was having a girl, she went out and bought a bunch of girly things on sale. She was so excited telling me in a meeting about this. Last week she went for an updated sonogram (I don't know preggo talk) and she found out that she was having a BOY! She was so pissed because she had bought all this crazy, non-refundable crap. I was dying laughing on the inside. She has also been going crazy trying to figure out what hereditary diseases her baby can be born with. You know since she can't ask the baby daddy, who was basically a nameless one night stand. Karma is beautiful sometimes.

OK enough about work and SK, on to real life:

1. Dirty is still out of work. It is killing me. He is busting his ass doing side jobs and trying to scrape money together, but it is hard. His mother is being extremely difficult about the situation, which is forging a gap between us. Did you ever meet someone that was noble to a fault? That's Dirty and it is pissing me off. I will get into more detail at a later date, so keep this in your pocket for a minute.

2. The crackies are still upstairs. To make my life even better, those fuckers never realized that their radiator was leaking. Where did it leak? In my freaking bedroom. I called my girl Patty in the maintenance office and she gave me some BS excuse about why they have not been evicted. Again I say that buying this apartment was the biggest freaking mistake of my life. If the housing market wasn't so bad right now, I would put that bitch up for sale and move back with my parents. That's how done I am with that.

3. My family is planning a trip to Italy in July for my Grandmothers 98th birthday. I am so excited, and I am hoping that nothing happens between now and then to mess with this trip. It is the only thing I am looking forward to right now.

4. I started really buckling down to do something about my weight. I am sick of carrying around the excess weight, and I feel depressed. I have been monitoring my diet and have been walking everywhere lately. I wear a pedometer every day to count my steps, but I need to get back to the gym. Sooner rather than later.

5. With all the GI issues I have had, I was sent for an allergy test to see if something was exacerbating my condition. Turns out, I am allergic to a few things, most unfortunately tannin, found in red wine. :( So my most favorite alcohol in the world is out, along with a whole list of foods and drinks that have it. Bummer.

6. I have also been so lax with checking other blogs and commenting. Lately I have been subscribing to the blogs in Google Reader, which is not blocked at work, so I am able to read while I should be working, since lately all I have been doing when I get home is putting my pajamas on and getting into bed. Don't be offended that I am not commenting, blame it on the man that is trying to keep me down.