Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot in the Streets

To my Canadians up in here...

Remember this guy from Degrassi the Next Generation?

Aubrey Graham? Jimmy? My sister and I were obsessed with this show once they started showing it on Noggin here in NYC. Who would have thought that little Jimmy who use to date Ashley and was BFF with Spinner that had to give up his basketball career thanks to getting shot in the back by Rick and confined to a wheelchair and then got the hots for Ellie would turn into this:

One of the hottest rappers in a while. This is not a commercial for him, but you need to seek out some of his songs. For your convience, I have given you a sample of the hotness. Some of the songs may be NSFW. (you know how much I heart my cursewords). Thank me later when people are impressed at your up to date music tastes. The fact that he turned into some really nice eye candy doesn't hurt either. ;)

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~Penny~ said...

I love how you are "working" from home!


EJ said...

a la Perez Hilton:
Princess RiRi isn't being so secretive about her new boyfriend any longer!!

Rihanna has been rumored to be dating upcoming hip-hop artist/Lil' Wayne protege/and Degrassi: The Next Generation alum Aubrey "Drake" Graham for a couple of months now, but the two aren't keeping their new relationship a secret very well!

The couple were spotted "attatched at the hip" at the Year One after-party at the Empire Hotel on Monday in NYC!

They soon ditched the after-party when they headed to Greenhouse and spend the night canoodling in the VIP section.

"They are definitely together, but really trying to be discreet," a insider leaked to reporters on Wednesday.

A step up from Chris Beat Her Down, no doubt!

rachaelgking said...

Oooo, I'm always looking for new music (since I'm too dorky to find it myself!) Thanks!

Viv said...

I lurk here usually, but I just had to comment because I looove Degrassi and couldn't believe this when I found out about it. I've only listened to his Every Girl song which is SO dirty but really sticks in your head, causing me to sing terrible, terrible things under my breath at work all day... sigh...Jimmy...

Searching Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

i love him too!!! there was an episode though where he rapped and i thought to if this guy rapped in real life he'd be really good and i was so shocked the first time i heard and realized it was him!!!! looooove me some jimmy from degrassi days to now and looooove degrassi!!! even though i prefer the old episodes better than the new ones but then perhaps its because i focussed more on the old ones. i need to sit myself down and watch all of the new ones....time is so limited nowadays :(