Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Em Gee!!

Let me just tell you that this year has started with a BANG, or more to the point a POW!

Picture it, me in my black North Face jacket braving the inner bowels of hell, aka the NYC Subway on her way to work this morning. I am standing on the platform as per usual, listening to my I-Pod, minding my own B.I. business reading waiting for the train that is approaching. Snuggled in my gloved grasp is my new Kindle (thanks Santa), awaiting my entrance on the train, when I hear a commotion behind me. Lo and behold, two unsavory characters, one dude and one lady were running on the platform screaming at each other.

Sa-Weet. Loves me some dramz in the morning. Anywho, I lower the volume on the I-Pod so I can eavesdrop without getting caught, and start to get on the train. I am standing by the door when the characters run up into the train and the dude grabs the lady by the hood, flips her around and punches her straight in the face. I jump out of the way, cradling my precious Kindle, worried that when her nose started bleeding that some blood would get on it.

Because we are gangsta in NYC, the conductor tried to close the doors on the fighting couple a few times, but they weren't moving. Back and forth they were beating the hell out of each other, screaming nonsense back and forth. Finally the cops came and split them up. The lady then started screaming that the short girl with the red glasses in the black North Face saw the whole thing and that she can tell the cops what happened. I was looking around, hoping that they weren't talking about me, and although black NF's are a dime a freaking dozen in NYC, wouldn't you know that I was the only one in the train car that had one on. Awesome. So the cop asked me to get off the train and give a statement about what happened.

So I did. Apparently, the scuffle was drug related, in that the lady promised the dude drugs and took his money and literally ran. Serves her right.

Moral of the story? Crackies follow me everywhere.

P.S.: I had to take the rest of the day off, because like Sammi from Jersey Shore, "I was like totally traumatized."

Oh and PPS: My Kindle is totally fine. I had to download the entire Harry Potter collection in order for her to forgive me.


Anonymous said...

LOL...lucky lucky you!! ;) At least you got the day off...

Anonymous said...

OMG that is the best post EVER. You seriously kill me! Hooray for the day off, although you HAD to be totally traumatized ;)

~Penny~ said...

OMG!! Sammi and you are one in the same!! You are both the nicest bitch you will ever know;)

Did you see Cakes? He was texting me about that fight.

Hahaha! Love it!

This suzy said...

I'm so relieved that your Kindle is okay!! ;)

Oh, and I enjoyed the story too. :)

Lisa Johnson said...

No come all the cool and fun stuff happens in NYC? Nothing awesome like that ever happens where I live. I guess I'll just live vicariously through your blog posts. I'm glad that you and your Kindle are ok! :D

rage said...

Jersey Shore seems to be growing on a lot of people. I didn't think it would make it as far as it did but what do I know.