Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Things in 2010

So this posting once every whenever I feel like it has gotten me annoyed. When I started writing this blog, I wanted to chronicle my life and happenings. As of late, that is not happening. I am going to make a real conscious effort to post more often... Dare I say it, at least once a week.

Now that it is in writing I have to do it.


Remember last year when I was so excited to hand in a resignation letter and leave this hell-hole I call my job. Well, I did it again. I resigned. This time leaving for good. I can't take the politics, cliques and overall suckiness of coming into this office every day. I don't have another job as of yet, but have a few prospects, but I am totally not stressed about work for the first time in a LONG time. Dirty has been very supportive, as a good sugar daddy should be. lol.

My conversation with Sidekick was comical to say the least. She is so lost. I handed in my letter and she looked at it and asked me where I was going. I told her the truth, that I don't have another job, and she looked at me dead in my face and said, "Since you come from a rich family and are marrying a rich guy you don't have to work anyway". I was laughing on the inside, but said "You damn skippy."

Then she had the nerve to ask me to extend my resignation because she will be out on vacation. Guess what I said? Yeah, you guys know me well enough to know what I said:

Ooh, I would totally love to because I am a loyal employee and all that, but my fiance surprised me with a trip to Atlantic City to celebrate me resigning. Sorry.

F her and the horse she rode in on.