Monday, April 19, 2010

I Think the Magic 8 Ball Has Found Its New Home

The whole me not working for a while thing? Yeah, it ran its course after 2 weeks. I am just so freaking bored at home that I feel my intelligence slowly slipping away little by little. There are only so many Facebook games and so much Maury you can watch before you start re-evaluating.

All the wedding stuff is done, just in debate mode with Dirty about a few little surprises for the reception, so I have been contacting some of the agencies that I was interviewing with prior to me leaving my old job. Wouldn't you know that the developed a position for me, at more than twice what I was making with Sk, with a sweet signing bonus and some other awesome perks; like free movie tickets on Fridays, gym membership, transportation and food. I took it. I start next week.

It is so good for my confidence that something like this came along. Working with Sk, my skills and abilities were always put down, so I always thought I wasn't good enough for something like this. The whole vibe here is totally different. The Director is down to earth and so knowledgeable about things. Right off, she wanted to hear ideas that I had to change and mold the program into something great. So we were just talking and I said something, and Friday I found out that they have implemented it... under MY name. She didn't pull a Sk and take credit for the idea, which is something that I will need to get used to.

So the 8 Ball will be coming with me on Monday. Wish me luck.


Jadeny said...

Good luck!! It sounds like a great place to be. Enjoy (as much as anyone can enjoy work) and congrats!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! Congratulations on the new job! Such excellent news and I'm glad you were able to enjoy some time off in the process. :)

~Penny~ said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy boi! The 8 ball was the best prezzie I ever gave anyone. And it was always truthful.

Give me a call tonight so we can chat about everything!

Congrats girl!!!

This suzy said...

Congratulations!! That's so great!

tara said...

Good luck and congrats on the new job!