Monday, April 11, 2011


I've been at this new job for a year. It flew by so fast, considering that I was out from September to December with the wedding and broken foot, and then for another couple of weeks in February.

Anyway, I met with my supervisor and her boss for my annual evaluation. I was a little scared, because I had so much time out, and came back to a lot of piled up work that I am still going through, but I received a glowing appraisal. I got a standard 3% cost of living raise, and I was happy. Signed my appraisal and was just about to leave the office, when my boss’s boss told me to sit down again.

This is when I got scared. I don't know why, but flashes of SK came through my head. (BTW, that is a hard thing to get over when you are at work because you always are waiting for the other shoe to drop.) My boss’s boss tells me that they are so happy with me and with the way that I behaved when I was out (working from home, conference calls, etc) that they want to offer me an 11% salary increase on top of the 3% cost of living.

Jigga What?

Toto, we definitely don't work for SK anymore. I was in shock...still am actually. I didn't get a 1% raise the entire time I worked for SK and that company, so to get such a large increase is overwhelming. This job is so cushy and I really got lucky when I fell into it. I mean, cafeteria, free movie tickets on payday, spa and gym services. I even got a laptop delivered when I was home with my busted foot, and then they paid for car service when I had my mobile boot on.

Lucky. That's how I feel right now.

Although, I could have broken 6 figures if they would have given me 1% more. Eh, I'll suck it up and be happy. ;)