Tuesday, February 05, 2013

So It Begins Again

My job search that is.  Three years ago when I took this job, I felt like it was going to be a permanent place for me.  A place where I could learn and grow and there was plenty of opportunity for advancement.  

Three years later, it hurts my heart to say that the idealism I had about this job is fading fast. We recently got a new CEO who is more interested in money than in client based services. That does not bode well for me since my job is all about client care.  

With the restructuring, we lost my awesome Program Director, who hired me and really allowed me to flourish in my position.  I was traveling to Washington, DC for business and learned so much about legislation.  I really found my wings.

We've laid off 5 staff people in the past 3 months and need to lay off 5 more by March 1st.  Whoever is left at that point will be absorbed into a federal welfare contract that is against everything I stand for.

I've been reaching out to my contacts and networking like a boss, but my heart is really not in it.  I definitely don't want to be on this ship when it goes down, but it is sinking fast. 

Since 2012 was the crappiest year ever, I want to make sure that 2013 is positive. I will use this as a catalyst for change and growth.  

PS:  how many times can I use growth in a blog post? :/


GirlX said...

The place where I work (you know the name) has been through this SO many times. When I got here, the CEO who off-shored everything and laid everyone off got canned. Then came our next CEO, who was the sole reason I was hired permanently (I was a temp when I started - with no chance of being hired ever). Now, I am doing so well it's sick, since the current CEO and the vision for the company is very different. I am making more than I could have ever thought and the opportunities for advancement have opened up along with it.

Perhaps if your heart isn't into looking elsewhere, it's because you are where you should be... for now. Things could change, one day, if the CEO finishes his job of cutting costs and is replaced with someone else with a different vision. If there's only a few people left in the job, he will consider their opinions on what adds value going forward? Yes I know. I'll take off my rose colored glasses, but really. The people of this company have been through the layoffs and changes so often, I can relate to your sitch. Follow your heart - and your gut - and you'll surely end up in the right place.

GirlX said...

I left out a word here. "Perhaps" he will consider their opinions on what adds value going forward?

KBear said...

Im having issues at my job as well. I love it here, but after what they just did (and you may have seen my posts on FB about it) I just am not happy here anymore.. no room for growth for me here. It's sad.

it's good to see regular posts and read that you're doing ok. I deleted my blog (no time, painful memories. I had to) but I still check in from time to time. I just hadn't realized how much time had passed.