Monday, May 01, 2006

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes-Part Two

Now we return to our regularly scheduled post...

So BN told me that he felt sorry for me; because I would never find someone to put up with my rebellion towards conforming enough to marry me. For the record, marriage is NOT on my things to do list. I contribute that to my difficulty becoming totally invested in the relationship, and the person. (See Samantha, Sex and the City, minus the trampiness.)

Now, while I was the dumpee, during this last conversation I became vicious. I don't know why, normally I am pretty mellow. There is no excuse for my nastiness, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Plus, I really was not concerned for his feelings, as he so obviously was not concerned with mine. So I told him that before he started dating again he should see a doctor about getting hair plugs or at the very least start using Rogaine. (To all the bald men who were offended: I only said it because BN was very self-conscious about his going bald, and I hit him were it hurt.) To show what a big baby he was, after I said it, he started criticizing me and my family about total bullshit.

I still see him sometimes, at my co-workers functions, and am always civil to him, but he plays the "asshole game", alternating between pretending that not to know me, or being all up in my face.

Lesson learned: Sometimes buying a new pair of shoes is better than getting into a new relationship. At least the shoes are guaranteed to fit.