Saturday, July 29, 2006

Daughter of the Year

Can anyone tell me how I got roped into being the official chauffeur, secretary, and personal shopper the week before my brother's wedding? Apparently, I am just too nice for my own good, and with Oct otherwise indisposed, it all fell on me.

My future sister-in law does not drive, so in the past two weeks I must have driven over 100 miles all over NYC running errands for the wedding. Doing these tedious "behind the scenes" jobs are stressful and for someone who is not a wedding fan, pure torture. I've spent more time looking for the perfect beaded handbag for my mother than I spent on deciding which college to go to.

All of the little details have been adding up, no thanks to my brother and his fiancee; who left the seating arrangements up to my mother, who then delegated that assignment to me. Between the stupid asses that RSVP'ed no, then decide at the last minute that they would be coming, to the special seating requests that people sent in with their response cards, I was able to organize the tables. I know some people are still not going to be happy, but in that case, they can kiss my ass.

This past week I have spent so much "bonding time" with my family that I should be the one leaving for Aruba next week. Considering that I gave up my summer vacation for this fiasco, I should be a lock to win the Daughter/Sister of the Year Award.