Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So, That's What Working Feels Like

Maybe I've been out of the game for too long, but I don't recall ever commuting with so much conversation going on around me. At 8am, all I want to hear is my IPod singing sweetly to me, not some ass on his cell phone having a screaming match with someone on the other end. Total crap considering I tried everything to get away from him, but there is only so much room in a subway car. He even got off at the same stop as me. Tomorrow I'll have my eye out for him, and bump into him with my bag to get back at him. Hipster jerkoff.

I did nothing today but fill out paperwork, and watch some orientation videos about the history of the agency and the current programs that it offers. Tomorrow, I will be attending a computer training to learn the programs and systems that they use there. Thursday will be my first actual work day. I get to move into my office, which I got a quick glimpse of today, it was being painted. I don't think I saw a window, but I'll manage.

Thanks for all the comments wishing me luck...

PBW: I didn't really check out the shopping situation in detail yet, but I'm sure its nothing that I can't handle. Email me.

Janie and Minnie: Silly assumption ladies. Of course I had to buy new shoes... I couldn't go into work barefoot! What kind of example would I set?

Signgirl: Thanks!

My first day off is on October 2, for Yom Kippur, which makes my birthday weekend 4 whole days long!

P.S.: How am I supposed to lose the junk in my trunk if I work across the street from a fucking CHOCOLATE FACTORY?!?