Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is Why I Love Living in NYC

Picture it: Subway car, Thursday morning. Me half asleep, trying to concentrate on my book. Rain outside. Middle aged lady seated reading Us Magazine. Cute guy wearing a navy blue zip-front hoodie carrying an umbrella.

Lady to cute guy: You're making me wet.

Me and surrounding passengers do a double take.

Lady to cute guy again: I said you're making me wet.

Cute guy laughing: Yes, I tend to have that effect on the ladies.

Lady getting pissed: With your umbrella.

Cute guy still laughing: I'm flattered, but it's not that big.

Then the lady paused for a second like she was thinking about what he said; the look on her face was priceless when she finally figured out what he was talking about. I know it was early and maybe she wasn't ready with her A game comeback, but seriously, talk about being slow on the uptake.

Thank you random cute boy in the navy hoodie, you made my rainy Thursday morning.

ETA: I submitted this quote here. Come on, you know it made you laugh too. Or am I the only one with a dirty mind here?


Eve said...

LOL That's funny! And I like the overheard in New York website too!

Another one on there that I thought was kinda funny:

Woman #1: I don't know how I'm gonna get Bernie to go down on me. I've even tried waxing.
Woman #2: Maybe you can tattoo a little Yankees logo down there.
Woman #1: Are you kidding? It would be a holy object. He would kneel and make burnt offerings.
Woman #2: At least he would be kneeling. That's a start.

Janie U Ignorant Slut said...

SLUTCast #11
With Jack and Janie