Monday, August 20, 2007

My Dirty Boy

If you are allergic to sugar, please do not read this post.

This weekend, the BF went fishing with his boys while I stayed in my apartment and waited for the guys to come and demolish my old kitchen. (Kitchen drama= long story= another post.)

We had been planning to go on this trip for a while, but at the last minute I had to pull out because of the whole kitchen fiasco. He wanted to cancel also, but I told him to go anyway. Before he left on Friday, he was so excited to go, like a little kid on Christmas and spent practically the whole week organizing his fishing gear and packing any and everything that he could have possibly needed. I spoke to him a few times this weekend, nothing really major. He sounded like he was having a good time bonding with his people.

I spoke to him Sunday in the afternoon and he told me he wanted to go home and sleep, after driving and getting stuck in traffic for 3 hours. At about 8:30 my intercom rings. I just got out of the shower. No one comes to see me, because I haven't told anyone where I live. Thinking that it was a mistake, I ignored it. I couldn't see who it was anyway through my window. My doorbell rang shortly after, and I saw through the peephole (safety first!) that it was Dirty.

When I let him in he was hugging and kissing me and telling me how much he missed me this weekend, and that everything that he did he thought of me and how much I would have enjoyed it. He gave me 2 stuffed animals that he won at some carnival, and a few fish that he caught. At this point, on the outside I was practically gagging, and asked why he was acting like such a girl; but on the inside I was getting the stomach flops over the sweetness of it all.

We ordered food, got some nookie and fell asleep on my couch watching Ultimate Fighting. That's why I love him.


~Penny~ said...


Dirty _______!

WHo knew!

Jaiden said...

It's so nice to have a boyfriend who is sweet like that! How's the kitchen coming??