Friday, September 28, 2007

I Make 31 Look Good!

So today is my birthday, and instead of calling in sick and having a day of pampering, I decided to be a good employee and go into work today.

The staff here is so good, they bought me lunch and got me a Carvel cake*. So good. Let's just say that Monday October 1 is the start of the diet. Almost better than that, the radio in my office was coming in so clearly today, that it HAD to be a special miracle for my birthday. Someone was looking out for me today.

Dirty sent me flowers to work, a really nice bouquet of Gerbera daises like this:

They are so colorful against the prison-issued paint color of my office. Still have no idea of the gift he got me, I'll wait until tonight at dinner.

Speaking of dinner, the fam and I will be going to Locanda Vini e Olii in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. It is located in an old pharmacy, the building is 130 years old. This restaurant changes their menu every day based on the chef's whims. We are doing the gourmet tasting menu, and I am really excited. Check it out here.

On another note: the best birthday gift of all is that my appliances are getting delivered tomorrow. The only things left are to get the sink and counter top installed. I am so close to having my kitchen completed I can feel it. I will post pictures once it is complete.

P.S.: Sidekick and TallTrees_ did not get a piece of my scrumptious cake. Suckers!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday :D

Mrstx said...

I'm obsessed with kitchens so please post pics soon!