Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not to Toot My Own Horn But...

Toot, toot. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said or written about me. It's true that we never realize how we affect people.

Conversations and feelings that may have been, OK, WERE inappropriate for work were all laid out on the floor of room 403, and if the walls had ears, my oh my, what they would say!

I truly needed to hear something like this after another battle with Sidekick, who was given another promotion. So basically not only have I been dealing with the same old BS, but now am dealing with a megalomaniac in training. Really, it doesn't get to me so much because when I leave work I don't think about it or her, but sometimes, I just want to spend the entire day in the staff bathroom and play Tetris on my cell phone to hide out from her. I know that every workplace has their own politics, but I figure that if I can deal with her, everywhere else will be a piece of cake.

My mantra is now: 2 months until Argentina. I WILL hold out for that long!