Friday, January 18, 2008

Can My Day Get Any Better?

Not only have I fit into a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear in a while, but my radio FINALLY works in the new cubicle area. I can listen to Aunt Wendy all day long and piss off Sidekick who absolutely HATES that I listen to hip-hop music at work.

Now...if I can only get my boyfriend to stop acting like a little bitch my day would be perfect. ;)

P.S.: Why are so many of the blogs I lurk around on going private?


No Identity said...

My only guess is because people are getting in trouble for what they are posting on their blogs so they go stealth. I personally got sick of trying to invite people to my blogs so I just took mine public and watch what I say. It shouldn't have to be that way (having to watch what you say), but everyone gets offended by something these days.