Wednesday, February 06, 2008


As it always happens, I have been neglecting this blog for the good things that have been happening in my life. So back to my bulleted point lists... you know how I love them.

1. Sidekick is really feeling the pain of her promotion. She inherited a unit that has so many problems, and with that, her boss is micormanaging her to the nth degree. Can you say KARMA? She has been "working from home" more than usual, because she can't bear to be in the office and face her supervisor. Guess who she turns to for help to be the middle man? Yep. Me. Listen I am going on vacay in less than 3 weeks, and more to the point, I don't give an F about her petty problems. I am more concerned with finding a bathing suit to hide my fat ass.

2. 2 staff have resigned from there positions. Sidekick thinks there is a conspiracy against her. Paranoid much? What do you expect when during staff meetings she tells the staff that if they don't like it they can do her a favor and leave. Loyalty is earned, not expected.

3. A year with Dirty flew by really fast. I wanted to keep it low-key with the trip and everything so I didn't get him anything. He bought me a bracelet that I was eyeing and a new pair of kicks. He loves me in sneaks for some reason. This is the second pair he bought me. Both pink. Hmm, trying to get girly colors on me somehow. I see his game.

4. Getting ready for the trip. Bought a new set of luggage, and packed all of my summer clothes. Pesky work getting in the way of my fun. A little secret? My mind has left the building a long time ago. Trip Advisor is my new supervisor now.

I'll keep you all posted. I still have pics of my Christmas tree to post. Late.


~Penny~ said...

Im back. Who resigned?