Thursday, February 21, 2008


That's right people. T minus 7 days and I will be on a 14 hour flight to South America for 3 weeks. Is it too late to back out?

I have been quietly freaking out about this trip for so many reasons; my anxiety getting the better of me, and lashing out a Dirty in a really mean way.

My main issue: my parents. They have been shitting all over this trip since we bought the tickets, but since the day is getting closer, they are going hardcore on me. My parents are old-school Italian, so they are concerned with what other people with think that their hussy of an unmarried daughter is going away for 3 weeks with her boyfriend. In my father's words, a stranger that can leave me on the side of the road with no way to get home. The funny thing is that Dirty and I have been together for 1 year and they didn't create such a fuss when we went to Mexico together after 5 months, so I don't understand why they are freaking out now. There is so much more to the story, but that is the jist.

Anyway, I am really excited about this trip, and can't wait.


For V-D, we kept it low-key, and made a deal about not spending more than 10 dollars on a gift. I got Dirty a sketch pad he can bring with us, and he got me a bunch of books to take on our trip. He also surprised me by cooking me dinner: Sauteed scallops with a sherry sauce, and steamed lobster with butter and potatoes, champagne, and a chocolate mousse tarte he bought. Awesome. My man can COOK! I know, enough with the bragging, but one more thing? He really does buy the perfect cards for me. They are just right, not so fakely sappy, but have the perfect sentiment. Beats the homemade card I made him from work 1/2 hour before I saw him. :)


~Penny~ said...

Listen parents wil be parents. And especially old I-talian parents.

But they are right, you are a hussy.

Like I said before, just learn one phrase: Donde esta Embassy de Americano?

Te wil have fun but drop me an email if you get engaged. I know you will bite the dust before me ;)

Mrstx said...

LOL @ Penny!

I always get nervous before a trip, and I don't know why. The new age girl in me just thinks it's because I am a Cancer and I don't like to leave my 'shell'. But I think it's just the unknown. I going to friggin Disney world this summer and i can't even get excited. I would rather stay home,tuck in the kids and do shots of tequila at home with my husband.

But I always have a great time once I am away and don't want to go home. I guess I am never satisfied.

'When I am in the city, I love the city...when I am in the country, I love the country.'

name that book!