Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Little Story

So most of you remember my hater friend T? If not, go here for a refresher. Anyway, I am going to tell you the story of T and her new friend B.

Once upon a time, there were two friends that lived next door to each other T and B. They did everything together. One day when it was T's 8th birthday, all she wanted was a Rubik's Cube. B stole his brother's Rubik's Cube and gave it to T. When B's parents found out, they made B go get it back. Fast forward a few years and T moves away. B is heartbroken. Fast forward a lot more years and B finds T on They start talking and made plans to go out to dinner. Within the week that they were talking he went to Toys R US and bought her her own Rubik's Cube. Cute story, right?

Here is the strange part. They have been hanging out for about 2 weeks now. They have already booked a trip to Puerto Rico together, leaving next week. They have picked out her engagement ring and named their future children, and have gone house hunting together. I feel like she is going super fast through the process and will wind up being hurt. Am I being a hater here? I am very supportive of her to her face, but I am screaming in my head that this is a bad thing. I've met him, and I kind of get a creepy stalker vibe from him. She is happy and I don't want to rain on her parade, but I'm wary. The biggest red flag that I get from her is that he really doesn't want to get to know her... and by that I mean that he is already fallen into the comfortable routine that couples get into when they are together a long time; they have only been dating less than ONE MONTH!!

How should I handle this? I need your help!


~Penny~ said... know what I think...Let it roll and pray they don't come back from PR engaged!

Mrstx said...

Well, it happens sometimes I guess. I had a boyfriend that I dated for 2 years and he never said I love you. The next girl that came along got an engagement ring after 3 weeks. He's happy and she's lovely.

The rest of the world may be saying WTF? but there is nothing anybody can say to change their minds.

Jadeny said...

Weird! I say leave it be. At least she won't be up your ass for a while :-)

rage said...

I would have left my opinion on this, but you posted the outcome so no need. I would have said homegirl is crazy.