Monday, May 05, 2008

No Ceilings Allowed!

For the past month I have been living with this in my bathroom:

That is the hole in my ceiling where the maintenance people were trying to figure out where the leak was coming from. This is the medicine cabinet and light fixture that gets the brunt of it. P.S.: I am not that big of a slob, those dust crumbs are from the hole.

Fast forward to today when I come home from jury duty to this:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is crackie infested water all on my medicine cabinet. The best part? That it seeps inside the hinges so that all of my stuff inside is tainted.

No that is not the new hot decorating trend, that is nasty water ripples. Picture those full of water that I have to pop.

You can't really tell, but I caught this one in motion. Leaking motion. Jealous?


So currently I hate my management company and am trying to screw them by purchasing the most expensive fixtures that are available for my bathroom. Please pray along with me:

Dear Lord, Jesus and whoever else is up there:

Please let the crackies move out and back into the projects where they belong, so that I can have my nice, beautiful bathroom sanctuary back. I promise that I will not talk bad about anyone else for the duration of my time living in this apartment*. Thank you. Amen.

P.S.: You really didn't think that I could go longer than that did you?


rage said...

Dude, I'd be so pissed at the crackies and at your management. What the shit?

Lisa Johnson said...

The crackies suck. Is there anyway you can go to the people above THEIR apartment and get them to flood the crackies apartment? That would be sweet poetic justice! :)