Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Sidekick,

Eat Me.

Hugs and Kisses,



So do you guys think that that would be an appropriate resignation letter?

Unfortunately, if you only come here to read about my work drama, that is going to change. That's right. I have officially been offered another position with another agency a ton more money and I have taken it. I'm trying to come up with the most perfect resignation letter for Sidekick, so that she knows how much I hated her as my supervisor. I will be taking any suggestions. Oh, and I will totally be doing this in person, as I can't wait to see her face when I tell her.

Anyway, about my new job. I will be the clinical director for a substance abuse program. Back to the hood dealing with with all of my peoples again. I need to brush up on my slang. I will be supervising a team of 10 people, and hopefully I can be a good supervisor to them, NOT how Sidekick was to me and Penny.

I am still negotiating a start date, hopefully sometime mid August, and give myself a nice little vacay in between. For right now, I'm just trying to get through the rest of my time here and then I will be FREE!!!!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and wow, it feels great.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow, you have a really interesting job! Sure beats counting beans all day in accounting. Zzzz.

As much as I'd love to tell off every boss when I leave a job (because let's face it, they all suck) I have to keep it professional. You never know when you may need her (or the job) as a reference again in the future. It's no fun being an adult.

Jatorade said...

YAY congratulations!!!! Isn't quitting a job you hate like the best feeling in the world?!? I used to have a boss I hated and I would actually think up these scenarios where I would just quit...what i ended up doing was so much better. I quit, he yelled, I walked out and got a dr. note for "stress leave" and got paid to not work my last 2 weeks PLUS left him with tons of work to do. Not so professional, but he was an ass and would make me cry on purpose.

Go quit your job and LOVE IT!

Jadeny said...

Yeah!!! Congrats! I think you should start the conversation by teling her that you have some complaints then deliver every last thing you hate about her before wrapping it up with, oh BTW I quit. With a huge smile on your face!

Mrstx said...

Yippee for the better job! You are going to be a great boss to your employees.

Oh, and hellz 2 the yeah on more money. See I'm practicing slag with you. :D

PCS said...

WWWoohhooooollll yeeaayyy congrats!!!

~Penny~ said...

Two words: Exit Interview.

Girl, please do us both a favor and throw that bitch under the bus. She deserves it.

I am still bitter that I never had an exit interview :(

oh PS.....Welcome to the hizood in the BK!!! One you go Crooklyn, you never go back. Don't forget to pack your nine.

rage said...