Friday, July 11, 2008

Bombs Away!

Dropped the bomb today at 9:45am. I decided to do it early in the morning so that I could ruin Sidekick's day. I am pleased to say that I succeeded in my quest. Just to show you all how delusional she is the following is a loose transcript of our conversation, my comments are in parentheses.


Me: Sidekick, I need to speak to you for a few minutes.

Sidekick: Ok, I'm listening. (All the while looking at her computer screen)

Me: I am handing in my resignation effective August 8th. (Holding letter)

SK: What????!!! (Whips head away from computer screen)

Me: This is my resignation letter, effective August 8th. (still holding letter)

SK: How could you do this now? This is a bad time.

Me: Isn't it always a bad time when an employee decides to resign? (still holding letter)

SK: Wow, I didn't know you weren't happy here. I thought we got along great and you are a real asset to the team here. What other position could you have possibly gotten that competes with this one?

Me: I was offered a Clinical Director Position. (you guessed it, holding letter)

SK: Do you think you can handle that? That is a really tough position. You know that you are going to have to be a strong supervisor, and work really hard at following up about everything. I know you struggle with following up and completing assignments in a timely fashion.

Me: Well, my new supervisor has confidence in my abilities, so I'll let her worry about that now. (8x11 paper is really starting to get heavy). So here is my official resignation letter effective August 8th.

SK: So I guess I should wish you good luck then? Where are we going to find another CRC in such a short amount of time?

Me: Maybe Tall_Trees_ is still available. (considering she wanted to come back after she left)

SK: Wow, I can't believe it, I'll take your resignation letter now.


And scene. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, and I didn't get her usual raging, but she didn't disappoint. She was a little mellow today, but that didn't stop the petty comments coming through. Now if only I can live out the month. I know it hasn't sunk in yet with her and when it does, I will be in for it, big time.

20 days left.

****Edited to add: I just realized that my last day of work will be on 08/08/08. Pretty cool.****


KBear said...

hah. at least now when she opens up with petty comments, you can say "gee, sidekick, that was really rude and totally uncalled for. You should learn to carry yourself in a more professional manner. Just because I am leaving, does NOT mean I have to sit here and take your abuse. Thanks.

:) have fun with it. When I left my old job, I told off my boss. She was a bitch.

Mrstx said...

I love it! Gawd, what a hag for trying to get you to second guess yourself and your ability to manage your employees.

Mrstx said...

lol, I just had to add that the captcha that I had to enter in to verify my last comment was 'eatbox'...hee hee!

~Penny~ said...

Ha! She saif the same thing to me. About my abilities to lead. And if I must say so myself, I am a fantastic program manager!

You got the skills girl :)

rage said...

I noticed the first thing she started doing was cutting you down.

What a bitch.

Jadeny said...

Ah to be a fly on the walll....