Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Would You Do?

I really need help with this one. Here is the story:

My cousin just got engaged. She is younger than I am, but we have been dating our boys for about the same amount of time.

She is having an engagement party. ON MY BIRTHDAY. When I saw the invite, my first instinct was to decline. My bday is sacred to me, and especially since it falls on the weekend this year. I told Dirty about it, and he got all weird. We had been talking about going away that weekend, but since he lost his job I figured it was a moot point. Anyway, he starts going on about how this is disrespectful to me, and that I should decline. (Sidebar-lately he has been ranting and raving about everything so I take it with a grain of salt. The dude has too much time on his hands.)

Then I started thinking...why SHOULD I decline? Just because it is my bday? Am I being selfish? Can I guilt trip her into having a cake for me at her party? She is having it at a hot NYC restaurant that her friends own (she and her fiance are chefs) and that I have been dying to go to. So it wouldn't be a bust. I guess.



rage said...

I would go (since you have been wanting to go to this place anyway) and just celebrate your b-day on another night.

I guess since I am old, my b-days aren't as sacred to me anymore.

You never know, you could have a total blast!

~Penny~ said...

I am sacred with my birthdays too.

However, it is not disrespectful to you. This supercedes a birthday and I am sure it was done unintentionally. Plus, Dirty has too much time on his hands.

I say go! It will be a perfect night at a good rezzie.

I think an underlying issue is that you and your cousin have similiar bios with the men so it seems a bit bigger issue than it actually is......just my opinion ;) can leave Dirty at home and take a fabulous friend.....insert my name here.....

Anonymous said...

The last thing I want to do on the only day that is mine would be to go to an engagement party or wedding. My friend got married on my bday one year and I had to decline since we had a fabulous weekend planned (before I got the invite) and I didn't feel bad about that at all. Especially now since they're already divorced after just 2 years - lol. Call me selfish too I guess. Whatever. It's not really that my birthday is THAT important (I hate thinking about how old I am) but it's MY DAY and I want to do what I want for once. I spend the rest of the year doing what everyone else wants.

In your situation, I wouldn't feel bad if you don't go... but if it's really a hot restaurant maybe you can go for a little while and celebrate your bday afterward with Dirty? I would imagine being it's her engagement party, she won't want the spotlight on anyone else (so don't count on a cake). Just my two cents.

Jatorade said...

Maybe Dirty's acting weird because he has some surprise planned for that weekend that you REALLY wouldn't want to miss...

Ok, thats just the way my mind works. At least 4 of my highschool friends (who I'm not close to anymore) have become engaged in the last week!!!! It's the only thing on my mind!

KBear said...

i would email her back and just way "oh yeah! what a PERFECT way to celebrate my birthday! I'm so in!" - that way, she knows its your birthday, and you may get at least a "happy birthday!" and you get to celebrate by going to that restaurant:)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I would think going to a fabulous restaurant would be a great way to celebrate a birthday! You & Dirty stay at a fabulous hotel that evening and make a weekend of it! That way, if he has something extra special planned, he can still pull it off :)