Thursday, September 04, 2008

If You Are Still Undecided

I found this website today that is extremely illuminating. If you are undecided about who you are going to vote for this year, go here ( )
for a non-partisan breakdown of the candidates and the issues.

I am normally not so outwardly political, but a little extra education never hurt anyone. :)


Mrstx said...

Wow that website is great. I have only done the presidential pick test and I'm still in line with John McCain. Actually my best match was Bob Barr who is libertarian but I wouldn't waste my vote on him. McCain was second. Obama was 5th for me! That was a little surprising because I do like Obama. I wouldn't be broken hearted if he won. However after taking this test I'm now a little nervous at how far Obama and I are on economic stances.