Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet My Baby

Yesterday I went and bought my new Nano. I bought the red one again. All of the colors are really nice in person, but a little off. Like they are all metallic-y and maybe a shade too dark or too light. My new Nano is also half the size of my old one, and the screen is larger and so fancy.

I love the fact that if you shake it the song changes; it really works great on the subway where I must have scrolled through 8 different songs. NOT! I must remember to put the hold button on before embarking on my commute.

What I love most of all is the Genius feature. Aw, my Nano takes after it's mom! You click on the Genius feature and it plays songs similar to the one before. No more scrolling through playlists and random songs for my gangsta rap! Awesome. I heart you little red Nano that could.

Now for a rant:

I live in NYC, the greatest city in the world. I am proud of my city. I love that people come here to visit, I do. However, dear tourists, a few tips for you that will be found in no guidebook.
  1. Please refrain from wearing identifying clothing. This included matching hats, t-shirts, etc. If you want to blend in, wear regular clothing. You may as well wear a sign that says "I AM A TOURIST. PLEASE FUCK WITH ME". Because we will.

  2. If you deign to take a subway car, please refrain from commenting on the style, color, make and model. It's the subway, it goes underground with rats and germ infested water. Do you expect club chairs and carpeting? What do you want for 2 dollars in the most expensive city in the world? Also, please note that wrapping your body around the center pole is not any safer that holding it with one hand. You look ridiculous.

  3. Please avoid taking public transportation during rush hour. You and your group of 50 bingo champions wearing matching yellow hats are holding me and my fellow NYC'ers up when you don't understand to GTF out of the way when people get on and off the train.

  4. Please keep your conversations to a dull roar. No one cares that your last visit to NYC was in 1965. Things have changed since then. Why do you think that everyone wears headphones? Because we don't want to hear YOU at 8am. Never did I realize this until the last few days without my I-Pod. It made my heart cry.

So if you are thinking of visiting NYC, print the above out and make a nice little wallet sized card to carry with you at all times.



~Penny~ said...

ohh...I am so jealous. I love the red you know that. It is such a good color!

EJ said...

haha... Cute!

Having grown up in San Francisco, I knew the rules... When my was a sophomore in college, my roommate and I went to NYC for spring break (we lived in FL! we got spring break everyday!) so my old roommate (who was dumb) had never been to a big city besides Miami. I told her when we got on the Subway, DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE. Don't let them know where on vacation. Just hang out. I went and sat with J about 10 feet away and she sat with another friend. 5 minutes later I look and she's telling someone her life story. I turned around and pretended not to know her ;)

KBear said...

i will never visit NYC!

I have enough trouble with TORONTO transit, and was informed by a friend who frequents your friendly city that Toronto looks like my little hometown (800 people. I come from a village!) during rushhour compared to NYC.

It scared me. I won't go. Terrified of your subway system.

But I want to visit.. hm... maybe I could just walk...:) or waddle.. either way:)

Jadeny said...

You forgot... Do not stop short in the middle of a busy sidewalk to take a picture! Move your ass to the curb and take it from there. lol. Sheesh.

Mrstx said...

It aint fittin. It just aint fittin. Yee Haw!

Love the red by the way! :D

tara said...

love the red !
I promise to follow your rules if i ever come to nyc again! :)

**Liz** said...

Don't let this happen to your ear buds lol :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, Kbear. She posted just what I was going to say. I'm too afraid to ride the subway in NY and I am a White Sox fan... so I can't go to Yankee Stadium. I feel like they'd sniff it out on me (and yea, after I say something that comes out so CHICAAAGO with my accent they'd know immediately. lol) Considering the way we torture our tourists here, I wouldn't want to be subject to it elsewhere!

Oh and congrats on the new Nano!

bee said...

OMG! Lately I have been getting so annoyed..I get off at 42nd street-Grand Central and everyone just wants to push everyone off the train! LIKE WTF! ASSHOLE you can SEE i'm getting off too, just fucking relax! There is no need to try and shove me off!!

ok im done LOL.

rage said...

Deep down I was hoping you would get the red. That was my favorite but I was too scared to say it, especially since you already had that color. I didn't figure you'd get that one again but I am glad you did. It's pretty.

I will definitely keep your notes in mind if I ever take PT in NYC, although I don't think it'll be for the purposes of bingo. :)