Thursday, November 20, 2008

***Updated*** Another Unbelievable Story for My Email Friend

****So, I posted something this morning that didn't get published; hence the empty post. Because I am a computer geek in disguise, I have been able to find and repost it. P.S.: This also teaches me not to write massive posts and try to post them from my cell phone. Lesson learned.


Everyone remember the T drama with Potato Head? Well this is another T story, but for this one we gotta step in the time machine and go way back to 2001.

T dated this guy; we call him Shitface for purposes of this blog; for about 5 years starting in 1996. Sf is FDNY and according to T the hottest (ha) thing since hell. I beg to differ, but I digress. Anyway, she was so in love with him and thought that they would get married. They were inseparable. They started a bank account together with the express purpose of using the money for a wedding. Fast forward to 2001 and September 11th. Everyone knows what happened that day, and with Sf being a firefighter, it was a rough time. Understandably. A few months after 9/11, Sf tells T that he doesn't know if he wants to get married, he is going through a lot and can't stand to put T through the hell that he is going through. They break up in February of 2002.

Christmas of 2002 finds Sf engaged to another girl. T is devastated that less than 1 year since their breakup, he is engaged to someone else. She has NEVER gotten over it.

Step back to the present.

I'm on the train going to my house and Sf is on it with a bunch of his firefighter buddies. They are all bombed and drinking Bud Lights. I'm texting Dirty and look up to see him from my seat. To make a long story short, he approaches me and asks me about T. After 6 years. He is how the conversation went:

Sf standing in the aisle over my shoulder reeking of cheap beer: Hey do you know a girl named T?

Me: No

Sf: Are you sure you don't know a girl named T?

Me: No, please leave me alone

Sf: I could swear that you were this girl that was friends with a girl I used to know. T Mc T?

Me: No, dude I think you need to lay off the Bud Lights.

This is the point where his cronies started making fun of him for trying to talk
to a girl and getting rebuffed. For the rest of the trip, he was staring at me
shaking his head.

I debated on whether or not to tell T, and decided to tell her. Guess what? She gets mad at me for not telling him the truth. Um, sorry, I thought I was protecting you. This fucker is the reason that she is fucking half of the NYC population and can't move on to a stable relationship.
And she expects me to sit there and have a conversation to catch up with him like nothing happened? F that noise. The funny part of it is that she would have gotten angry either way.

Whatevs. He is losing his hair.


Sidebar on the Sidekick situation: Apparently it has been found out that the baby's father is NOT the ex-husband, but a One Night Stand that she had when she was going through her "questioning" phase. Maury anyone?


Jadeny said...

Very moving post.

~Penny~ said...

So. I think you shouldn't have told her. I think you tore her scab off that was never ever healed in the first place.

She is sad. And her anger is coming out of hurt:(

She will get over it eventually but I hear where she was coming from. A little bit. If I was in your place, I would have said yeas to the question but not given him any answers.

Sorry girlie!

Jadeny said...

Okay now that it's a real post I will leave a real comment. I think if I were her, I would have been DYING for the scoop and probably would have wanted you to talk to him too (whether or not it was good for me). That's just how I roll. A nosy bitch, for sure. lol

Unknown said...

Lol I'm debating being a nosy bitch and not wanting to know...

but I do love how you added in the losing his hair thing haha too funny that's the way I want my friends to be when I run into an ex be like ugh look he's fat/losing his hair/etc...

**Liz** said...

I feel bad for your friend. WHy was he even asking about her?

Total Maury situation with Sidekick. wow

tara said...

I love your posts!

Dial-Up Princess said...

yea telling her didnt seem like a good idea...some things are better left unsaid, IMO...

sidekick is def a candidate for

Anonymous said...

That is some seriously juicy news!

Coincidentally, I've had you on my blogroll for some time now and it won't update. It still says your last post was about Mr. Potato Head 4 months ago!

I have a rather different opinion on this. It's been what, 6 years since they broke up? I think you handled it the right way. She doesn't NEED to know what's going on with this guy. She really needs to move on, hurtful as that may be for her.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

You did the right thing.

**Liz** said...

Hope all is good. I had to start a new blog.

This is Liz btw.