Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It Is What It Is

I received an email today, and while I won't disclose who it was that sent it to me, there was a disturbing tone that I would like to address here. This is the email in question:

I just started reading your blog and have a hard time beleiving some of the stories you wrote on there. The storied that you write about your boyfirend seem kind of unbeleiveable to me. If you are so proid of your life, why don't you ever put pictures of him or you on there. You have created a fantasy land for yourself because you don't show us who you really are. do you think that ppl really want to hear about your fake perfect life? and how you judge ppl about the stuff that you think they do wrong? what rigth you have to make comments like that about ppl when you are no better off then they are. you write nasty things towards people
that are your firends. how do you treat your emenies then? I think you are pregnant and need to get a pregnancy test. how do you like that?

I have left all of the spelling and grammatical errors intact. Let me first explain that I rarely explain anything in my private life, and I don't know why I have decided to explain myself here, only that I have.

Everything that is written on this blog is the truth. I may change minor details, like names or identifying information, but it is all me. To make mention that some of my stories are fabricated or that I am not showing my true self on here is a load of shit. If some of the stories on here seem unbelievable, they are. It is my life and what I post here is from my perspective. You may not like what I have to say, and that is fine, but I am certainly not going to curb my writing for someone who doesn't know me or what I am about.

I have chosen to remain anonymous, not because I am ashamed of anything in my life, moreso it is so that I can be free and honest and not have to worry about how people in "real life" would feel about what I write. I don't feel that showing my picture is relevant for what I am using this blog for. I started this blog as a journal to keep my thoughts together during a tough time. If you go through the archives, it is all there. This is who I am and what I chose to write. I can be as judgemental and hateful as I want on here, because it is MY blog. If you don't like it, you can click the Next Blog option on the toolbar.

I'm done with my rant about that.

Now check this out from this morning:

Homegirl never got the memo about it being November. BTW, it was 42 degrees this morning. Fahrenheit. She was wearing a winter coat, scarf, gloves and flip-flops. In NY, in the fall. Yeah.

PS: To my email friend: Spell check never hurt anyone. :)


~Penny~ said...

After our earlier convo, I am glad you put this bitch out on blast. Now I have a few choice words that I know she will read because it is obviously her style.

Without further ado:
1. I personally know Sloane and she did disclose to me who you were, I know that you do not read my blog, so you don't know that we are actually friends in "real" life. Regardless, I can vouch for 99.9% of the shit that she writes.

2. I am not the only person that she is friends with in real life from this blog, so get over yourself.

3. Sounds to me like you are jealous and are envious of her life.....

4. WHY would you suggest she is pregnant? That is just odd.

5. I think this email was the most judgemental piece written about someone. Not the content of SLOANES blog or her honest comments. Didn't you get the memo? THis is her blog and she can write what she wants.

6. You are a coward because you emailed her and didn't leave a comment.

Ok, I will get off my rant.

Sorry Sloane, I don't mean to dog a fellow reader but this girl is insane. Have a good rest of the day in your fantasyland!

PS....Holla so we can plan what date to get the boys together. Cakes' shift changed, he is off Friday Saturday now......uggg


AZ Larsens said...

Wow, it's never crossed my mind that what you write could be false, if so you are amazingly creative and you should write a book! haha... Anyway, who cares if it's real or not, it's your blog you can do whatever you want! And I think I speak for many of your readers when I say, keep on posting it!

**Liz** said...


Dear person who wrote that letter,

Congrats. You made your point. This is Sloane's blog. This is her life. If you don't like the way she writes, if you don't like who she writes about, if you don't like the tone, or whatever, no one is keeping you here. We read because we enjoy. She writes because she can. You wrote a letter, why?

Move on.

tara said...

what a bitch! (the chick that sent the e-mail)
If she doesn't like what she reads that you blog then don't read it!
whatever ! i don't like people like that.
I love your blog!

rage said...

I am laughing my ass off. The audacity of the person that actually wrote that.

Glad you called her(or him) out.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that someone actually put this much thought into whether or not your blog is real - and then had to write you about it? Someome needs to get a life. For real. It sounds like pure jealousy to me... these words capture it all "your fake perfect life" so she thinks you have a perfect life, eh? Work it!

Jadeny said...

Are you effing kidding me!? How trivial and ridiculous. This person must have some serious issues of their own in order to spend so much time trashing you. You don't like what you read, click the x in the corner and move on with your life. Who made you the blog police!?

Unknown said...

bitchassness that's all I have to say!
Who gives a shit if what you say isn't 100% true?! I love how you "created a fantasy/fake perfect life for yourself" geeeze I beg to differ cause you have written a lot of less than perfect experiences on here.

Why'd this person go looking for your blog anyways? Do they really not have a life?
And um the pregnancy comment? That's just creepy and weird...

And lil ms stalker - have we ever heard of spell check?

KBear said...

hm. All I can say to the email person: look to your own house. When you are perfect, then you can preach to others. and Practice what you preach.

I HATE people who sit there and say "you're nasty to people.. blah blah blah" yet they are doing EXACTLY what they are ripping you a new one for!

in my opinion, who the hell cares if you ARE fabricating anything and passing it off as real life? You're my "internet friend" and I choose to believe what you write. We may or may never meet in real life, and frankly, what you choose to put out there is just that: YOUR choice.

it's people like that that are responsible for all the hate in this world.

I won't say anything bad about her. I will only say that I'm sorry she felt the need to personally attack you, and I know that what people hate most in themselves, they always manage to find in the ones they are jealous of.

It's her own anger and insecurities in herself that made her lash out at you, and I hope she gets the help she needs (I'm assuming it's a woman. Most (MOST) men don't care to attack like that. I could be wrong though...

Lisa Johnson said...

Pooh on whoever wrote you that rotten email! If she doesn't like your blog, then why read it? I definitely think you put your "real" self out there and I'm glad you do! Don't change a thing...she's just lame!

Genevieve said...

hahahahahahah!! "I think you are pregnant and need to get a pregnancy test. how do you like that?" - lookout sloane, that was a totally logical scorning... bet it cut you deep!
Also, re: girl with cold feet. She's probably an aussie. Not even kidding. My sister worked a snow season in freaking Utah and insisted on getting around in her havianas. Its a matter of national pride.

Dial-Up Princess said...

haha...i find it amusing she had the time to write the letter to someone she doesnt seemingly like.

i had a similiar person ask me the same thing when i used to write about Dork. and even after Viv vouched for his existence they didnt believe.

it is YOUR blog and you can write whatever YOU want. if they dont like what you have to say they can simply not read it!

Mrstx said...

That is so fucking random! I guess I'm confused because you are a sweetheart. Yeah, you blast sidekick because she has made your life at work miserable, but whatever!

For this person to be so completely filled with anger and hate toward you and your own blog just shows that they are really pathetic. Like, you seriously need to get a life. A hobby. A support group. A puppy. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Um, I think your emailer needs to get herself (or himself) a life and a dictionary.

Who the hell cares if you make things up? It's YOUR blog and you can do anything you want, and that includes not posting pictures of yourself.

EJ said...

i'm sorry, I couldn't read past the first line... too many typos!!

And damn, if you're bitchy, I hate to see what she thinks about the rest of us!!!