Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back Into It

What is this? 2 blog posts in the space of a week? Oh yes. I spoil you guys. :)

To start, I finally got my Secret Santa card. In March!! I know that Nic sent it in ample time, should I be blaming the US Postal Service or the country it was mailed from? ;) It totally brightened my day when I opened the mailbox and found that there, so thanks to Nic for sending it.

On the work front, since Sidekick is going on maternity leave shortly, she has been on a rampage with all of her crazy demands and such. It has been so busy that the girls night that I had been trying to schedule since before Christmas finally happened last weekend. It was so nice to just get together with Penny and just chill and relax in sweatpants and gossip about everything. Then I got the shits, but that is besides the point. :) The Shamrock cookies courtesy of Cakes were the best part of the evening.

Things with Dirty's mother have calmed a bit. We have been having long talks about future plans and it looks like since he is an only child, we are going to be stuck with her living with us at some point. And by living with us, I mean having an apartment in the house we eventually live in. I am not sure how I feel about it 100%, but you better believe that I have already laid down some heavy duty boundaries if and when this goes down. I'll post some of my demands later on, but just know that my space is MY SPACE. I make ALL decisions with regards to my home. You want to paint the walls in your apartment purple? Feel free. You commenting on my living room color choice? Hell No. Oh, and she WILL be paying rent. And that did not come from me.

My other issue is that Dirty is pressing the marriage thing hard. Ok, so I may contradict myself in the next couple of paragraphs, but its my blog and I do what I want. Since he has so much time on his hands due to being unemployed, he has been studying for his architecture certification tests, and watching bridal shows. He is all about bridal stuff on WE TV. Bridezillas, Platinum Weddings, Rich Bride, Poor Bride, etc. He watches them all, and then gives me a headache with all of the corrections he would make and other ideas he has for our upcoming wedding. Hmm, last time I checked there was no ring on the finger yet, so it kind of pisses me off when he goes on and on about seared tuna hors d'oeuvres and what types of flowers would work best for a November wedding. P.S.: did I mention that he wants to get married in November? Yeah. I think I am dating a gay wedding planner. At least when the time comes, I can delegate all that shit to him and just find some dress that won't make me look like Princess Poofball.

So that's where I'm at. Maybe if your lucky, you'll get another post in a few days. :)


Jadeny said...

Hahahaah to the gay wedding planner! I love it. I'm also so glad you finally got your Secret Santa. I don't think anyone else got anything which made the whole thing kind of pointless. Told Penny yesterday that I would love to get together ASAP. Let me know when things slow down at work and you have some free time.

PorkStar said...

lmao... very interesting, that should make things fun too... and good luck on his architect exams... my dad still has to pass one and he's done.... it's taken him a good 10 years to pass that exam... just saying, you know, lol.. jk jk

Lisa Johnson said...

This is a VERY fun treat to get 2 posts in a week! I'm glad to hear things are going a little better w/ Dirty's mom. That was so funny when you're like paint your room purple? LOL! LOVE IT! How are you feeling about the whole marriage thing?

~Penny~ said...

Thanks for having me over! The fondue was excellent:) I think explosive poop was because we ate about 3 bags of cheese!

I will tell Cakes....poor Cakes...he tries..:)

**Liz** said...

Aww that is so cute that he is turning into your gay wedding planner. At least he is trying to help?

tara said...

Mention it to Dirty taht usually people get engaged before married.
Like the 2 posts in one week.

Mrstx said...

Yay for 2 posts in one week! I have been slacking big time too.

That is hilarious about Dirty and the wedding planning! And by all are entitled to be princess poufball for one day! I actually regret not getting the poufier princessier dress.

(spell check is angry at me for using, 'poufball, poufier, and princessier'.)

rage said...

lmfao @ gay wedding planner. However, I think it would eventually drive me batty if his mom was living with me.