Monday, August 10, 2009

Do You Want to Die Laughing?

Peep this:

Dirty and I were looking at china patterns so that when the time comes to register, we are both on the same page and won't have a huge blowout in the store over forks. Preventative measures, you know? Since he is over involved in this, he shows me the following china, crystal and silverware:

Nice right? He does have good taste. Anyway, he tell me that it is Wedgewood China, and some other ancillary information. I asked him for the pattern name, and started hysterical laughing.

The pattern name? SLOANE SQUARE!

I have to get it now, right? :)

P.S.: He also wondered why I was laughing like a hyena over a china pattern... I almost got caught yo. He knows about the blog, but nothing else. Every time I serve Thanksgiving dinner, I will be reminded of this blog.


Lisa Johnson said...

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? That's AWESOME! LOVE IT! It must be a sign.

This suzy said...

I love the china and I love the name of it! I think it's fate!

rage said...

That was awesome! I have to agree with suzy and say it's fate.

Anonymous said...

I totally totally LOVE IT. Great name and beautiful pattern!

tara said...

It was meant to be.