Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drumroll Please...

So you are asking about the wedding planning, eh? So it's like this... I only have a venue and a DJ picked out. Dirty has been HOUNDING me to pick a photographer and videographer, and I am dragging my feet. Did you ever see a more uninvolved bride? Luckily, he is overinvolved, and does all the research so that I can just make a final decision and get what I want without sticking a finger in the pot.

However, I did find a dress. The best dress. My dress.

Like in Harry Potter where the wand finds the wizard, this dress found its bride. ME!

Without further ado here is the gown in which I will be giving up my spinster-hood and become a wife:

Of course, I will be giving the same fierce attitude in my wedding pics. You must go here though to see the back of it, which is what I fell in love with. Enlarge the pics so you can marvel in it.
Exciting, right?


~Penny~ said...

Ahhhh....I knew you would find something and I think it is perfect. Now to find you the right sized heels. It is going to look great on you!

Dirty cracks me up. You are my 2nd friend that is an underinvolved bride. I heart you both.

I will see you tomorrow for retail therapy and maybe some dinner? Gucci here we come....and lesportsac and puma and coach and

tara said...

LOve the dress!

Lisa Johnson said...

Wow, it really is gorgeous...especially the back. Can't wait to see your beautiful wedding 9 months...UGH! Such a long time to wait! :)

This suzy said...

Sloane, that dress is AWESOME!! I am confident that you'll look totally kick ass. :)

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it. Very elegant and not overdone... it's perfect. Ah, finally a glimpse into this fab wedding! Wish I could be a fly on the wall!

rage said...

Me thinks you will look just gorgeous in that dress Sloane!

It's funny though that you aren't into the details of the wedding. That's how I was: Temper did it all. Tee hee!