Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cleaning Up The Joint

I've finally changed the template and finally added a bunch of links to my favorite blogs. I think there are some still missing, like the private ones, so if you don't see yourselves on here, let me know.


Lisa Johnson said...

I am LOVING the new background. Also, thanks for including my blog among your list of favorites. How have you been doing? Is work going OK? Are you and Dirty getting excited for the holidays? Are you going to go visit your family or his or just hang out together alone?

rage said...

I too am loving the new digs. Change is always good. Hope all is progressing well with the wedding planning.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new template! Fabulous.

~Penny~ said...

OMG! Wait, did you find your girlie gene???

You know ow I feel about pink ;)

Dec. 12th girl, save the date, HOHOHO HOLIDAY HOUSEWARMING PARTY!

Smyles10 said...

Holy Crap!! I made your faves!! Maybe that means I should start posting on my blog again!?! *sigh* soon, when I find the interesting part of my life again! :)

Hope you are doing well... i want wedding updates! :)