Sunday, September 02, 2012

I Always Come Back When I Need Something

As I sit here and write this I am taken back to the original reason why I started this blog.  Basically to have a space where I can share things with a modicum of confidentiality.  Since now most of my original readers know who I am, this blog has fallen into a hiatus. Now with things swirling around again, I need my corner back.

I have cancer.  Wow, that becomes real when you type it.  Since that word is like a bullet, i should explain that it is papillary carcinoma, and it is a form of thyroid cancer.  I found out in the beginning of August, and have been going for tests and such since then.  I haven't started official treatments yet; I haven't decided what to do, surgery or radiation/chemotherapy.

 I'm keeping it on the low for the foreseeable future, so no mentions on Facebook or anything.  Basically only Dirty, my parents, his mom and my sister know.  I've told my boss and key work people and they have been great.  I just want to keep it a secret now because I don't want those pity faces and the constant talk about when so-and-so had cancer this is now she handled it.

Right now, I am continuing to the be the sarcastic rag that I have always been.  The only thing that works for me right now in regards to this is that whenever I ask Dirty for something, he can't deny me (not that he ever did anyway).

Sloane: Honey boo boo, I need a cleaning lady
Dirty: Come on the house is not that big
Sloane: Please?
Dirty: No.
Sloane: But I have cancer!
Dirty: Ugh, fine.

Works like a charm every time.

PS: who is watching Honey Boo Boo?  No joke, that was God's gift to me when I was diagnosed. ;)


Lisa Johnson said...

I wish I was there to watch Honey Boo Boo with you. We could talk and laugh and cry together, and of course eat good food. I wish I could be there for you in the way that you were there for me when I was going through my divorce and dating Michael. You are amazing and such a fighter. LOVE YA!!!

GirlX said...

I don't have any words of wisdom or stories of who survived before. What I do have is an admiration for you. From my perspective, your life has come together so well recently due to the work you've put into it.

I'm very glad you have your husband, mom and support from a choice few people. That's all that is important now. The choices you make for treatment are yours and I don't think advice is what you need. Do what's best for you.

I will keep you in my prayers, sister...but I know everything is going to be ok. (HUGS)

tara said...

I have some friends whose hubby was diagnosed with skin cancer ( stage 1 all is good ) - the hubby whenever he says or does anything snarky he says " but I'm a cancer survivor !"
Whenever his sweet wife does anything sarcastic and snarky and apologizes we tell her it's ok bc you're the wife of a cancer survivor.
Sometimes humor is good !
Prayers will be sent your way !