Sunday, April 30, 2006

Incognito like Clark Kent

Since the 5th grade, when the school vision test told me I needed to get glasses for my nearsightedness I've loved wearing glasses. My optician loves me considering the last time I went there I dropped almost a "G" on six different pairs glasses. I love that with one simple change, I can make myself look different.

When I wear my eyeglasses I feel like I am incognito. I use them to hide behind. I have been told that I have expressive eyes, and my glasses create a barrier between me and the outside world. I am always being told to select frames that are more ladylike, (because after all, guys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses), some thin wire frames that disappear into my face, so that you cannot tell that I am wearing glasses. People who choose frames like that are embarrassed to let people know they wear glasses. Considering that every great designer makes stylish eyewear now, I have lots to choose from. I prefer thick, plastic frames; my favorite frames are at the bottom of this post. They are from Converse and the style of the frame is called Villain. How appropriate, no?