Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Limbo

So I'm still kitchenless, with no start date on the horizon, so I have semi moved into Dirty's house. I hate it, he loves it. I don't hate being with him, but I hate not having my own stuff with me at all times. I hate having to pick out clothes for work days in advance so that I don't go naked to work, I hate not having my books and being able to spend as much time as I want in the bathroom. At least I'm getting awesome dinners and lunches out of the deal. So I guess I really can't complain that loudly.

FYI, after my medical procedures, he took really good care of me. Let me say foolish things while I was under anesthesia and didn't make fun of me for them when he told me about it later. The two things I remember from that is that when the doctor came in while he was dressing me, he shielded me with his body; which was silly because the doctor had already seen it all, but sweet nonetheless, and when I woke up out of the anesthesia, my hands were in my pockets while I was on the exam room table. I was like WTF?? why are my hands in my pockets? He told me that he put them in there because they were limp and all over the place and he was afraid that I would pull out the IV that was in my hand. So cute. Also while I was in getting the procedure done he went to the shoe store and bought me the following sneaker:

Love them! Pink and brown, although I am still on the fence about the velcro closures. I haven't worn them yet, I think I need to get a smaller size.

On the work front, TallTrees is getting on my last nerve_ Every task she is asked to do, she has an issue with_ I have explained things numerous times and feel so overwhelmed that I have to do everything here with no support_ I have never me someone in my entire work life that is so passive agressive in her way_ Oh wait, yes I have, Sidekick, who is no help either, telling me I have to work as a team_ She knows that I miss Penny, but I have to move on and learn to work as a team_ Umm, yeah, this is also the person who, when I met with her in a meeting recently, asked me if I was resigning_ I told her that she would not be so lucky to get rid of me so soon_

P.S.: If you haven't figured out the reason for all of the dashes, you obviously do not read this blog nearly enough. Get to the archives and figure it out!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Eating Takeout Does a Body Bad!

You know life is funny sometimes, just when you think everything is falling into place, BAM, everything falls apart.

OK, so maybe I am being a little dramatic, but really this week has been a rough one for me.

Starting with work: I have never been so stressed out at a job before in my life. TallTrees (new girl, what do you think of the nickname?) is a waste of space. I would rather be alone and do the work of 2 people than to have someone who is useless. Every time I explain something to her she gets this puzzled look on her face and says "Hmmm, I don't know about that". Guess what? It is part of your job description, you have to do it. The thing that pissed me off most of all is that while she is on the Internet and personal calls, and I am doing all of the work, she comes into my office and says "Thanks for your help". Umm, yeah. She also leaves an underscore at the end of all her emails and name. Like TallTrees_. Why?

At home: I am still without a kitchen. It is amazing at how much stuff I used to do in that kitchen that I hated. Now that I don't have one, I can't do anything. Apparently, all of the plumbing and electricity in the walls needs to be upgraded before they can install the kitchen and appliances. I am cool with that. What I am not cool with however is that I don't have an approximate start date for all of this work. I have been eating take-out food for the past week, and let me tell you, for someone who enjoys cooking, it is torture. I guess this is the price you pay (no pun intended) when you get family involved and get things done for free. Hopefully I will not have to wait any longer for this because it leads me to my last issue.

With Dirty: We haven't spent any time this week together since Sunday. Why? I don't have a kitchen, so he won't come over. He wants me to come over his house, to stay over until they finish all the work. I appreciate his offer, but I paid for my apartment, and I am going to live there. He doesn't understand why I want to stay in the construction zone when I can just live with him for a while. So I have purposely not gone to his house at all, and he hasn't come to see me, so I guess we'll see what happens this weekend when he takes me for my annual endoscopy/colonoscopy and he has to take care of me in my apartment. I've already told him that I want to sleep off the anesthesia in my own bed, but since I'll be half knocked out, we'll see where he takes me.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Dirty Boy

If you are allergic to sugar, please do not read this post.

This weekend, the BF went fishing with his boys while I stayed in my apartment and waited for the guys to come and demolish my old kitchen. (Kitchen drama= long story= another post.)

We had been planning to go on this trip for a while, but at the last minute I had to pull out because of the whole kitchen fiasco. He wanted to cancel also, but I told him to go anyway. Before he left on Friday, he was so excited to go, like a little kid on Christmas and spent practically the whole week organizing his fishing gear and packing any and everything that he could have possibly needed. I spoke to him a few times this weekend, nothing really major. He sounded like he was having a good time bonding with his people.

I spoke to him Sunday in the afternoon and he told me he wanted to go home and sleep, after driving and getting stuck in traffic for 3 hours. At about 8:30 my intercom rings. I just got out of the shower. No one comes to see me, because I haven't told anyone where I live. Thinking that it was a mistake, I ignored it. I couldn't see who it was anyway through my window. My doorbell rang shortly after, and I saw through the peephole (safety first!) that it was Dirty.

When I let him in he was hugging and kissing me and telling me how much he missed me this weekend, and that everything that he did he thought of me and how much I would have enjoyed it. He gave me 2 stuffed animals that he won at some carnival, and a few fish that he caught. At this point, on the outside I was practically gagging, and asked why he was acting like such a girl; but on the inside I was getting the stomach flops over the sweetness of it all.

We ordered food, got some nookie and fell asleep on my couch watching Ultimate Fighting. That's why I love him.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Replacement--Yes, I'm Wearing My Hater Hat!

So today is Penny's last day at work and I am beside myself. I will miss her a lot. It is much easier to work in a hell-hole if you have someone to team up. If it is just you, you look like a difficult employee; if you have a partner, your boss is the one that looks crazy.

But the purpose of this post is to identify Penny's replacement. I don't like her. I know that it is early, and that you will all say that I don't even know her yet, but there are things about her and I consider myself a pretty good judge of character. By the way, based on the information below, I would like to ask for assistance in coming up with a nickname for her.

1. She is like 9 feet tall and still wears 4 inch heels. Maybe this is my short girl complex coming through, but you need your head to touch the ceiling?

2. Yesterday, she had short hair... today it is long and flowing. I know it is either a wig or weave, but one of my pet peeves is the drastic backwards look of hair. Long to short, I'll recognize. Short to long, not so much. At least make it look a little natural.

3. Her first few day here she spent all day surfing the Internet. I waited at least a week before I started handling personal business at work.

But the thing that aggravates me the most about her is:

4. She spells her name wrong. I know that that is her parent's fault for the creative spelling, but really, as a professional adult, ghetto spellings really should be put on the back burner.

Like Dirty says all the time "If you got real hair, real fingernails, if you got a job, you going to school, and y'all need nobody to help you handle your business...Make some noise." She unfortunately can not make some noise.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

OK, so I haven't updated as much as I said I would. My bad. No excuses. I know I am a big, fat liar so no need for the hater emails.

So here are the updates:

1. Vacation was awesome, maybe I'll post some pics here or on my flickr account. Resort was really nice, but the weather was so humid. Made my already frizzy, unmanageable hair seriously go on strike no matter how many products I used to reign it in. Luckily, everyone elses hair looked as awful as mine did.

2. Traveling with the bf was nice. He is a little anal about taking all sorts of things "just in case". I thought I was bad, but he is off the chain with that. As corny as this is going to sound, I think that this was a real test of our relationship, and I am convinced now that he is a great match for me and vice-versa. We complement each other so well. It is a bit scary for me, but I dropped the L-word to him, and it only took me 6 months.

3. On a sad note, my partner in crime, Penny is leaving me. I am not recognizing this until her last day, hoping that she will change her mind, but I doubt it. She's leaving me alone to deal with Sidekick all by myself. You can send her hate mail and express your outrage here.

4. Speaking of Sidekick, she got squashed between 2 delivery trucks; apparently crossing the street behind one. Now we are talking about a big girl here, not easily missed if you know what I am saying. (and I am only saying that because she hates on me and Penny). She took 2 days off and is back at work now gimping it up. It is humorous actually. Unfortunately, she does not show any outward signs of being permanently mangled. Oh well, I can still dream.

Other than that, things have been pretty status quo around these parts. Being a homeowner takes a lot of time, not to mention money, but it is really nice to get home after work, change into my PJ's, eat cereal and watch DVR'ed WWF MSG wrestling classics with no one to bother you. Next on the improvement agenda is a new kitchen being installed within the next few weeks. It pays to have a dad in the business; I got my new fancy kitchen for free. Love It!