Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Random Survey...3 posts this month!

How do you feel about love right now?:ask me in 1 hour when I leave my job and get home and find out if dinner is waiting for me or not.
Night or day?:night
How far away do you live from your crush?:2 inches
Do you like reading?:yes
Ever done drugs?:yes
Do you play any instruments?:clarinet and flute
Do you try and fill awkward silences?:no
Do you post lyrics as facebook statuses?:sometimes
Whats your favourite movie genre?:documentaries
Do you speak any foreign languages?:yes, spanish and italian
Do you have more boy friends or girl friends?:never counted
Is there someone you care a lot about too far away for your to visit?:yes
Have you ever used someone?:define "used"
Has someone ever used you?:yep
How do you feel about "friends with benefits"?:medical benefits? awesome!
When you are really sad what can make you happy?:chocolate cupcakes and my kindle
What are your plans for today?:blowing this popsicle stand and getting in my pj's
Are you tight with your family?:yes
Do you know anyone openly gay?:yes
Do you like Goldfish crackers?:pretzel only
Whats a really funny last name of someone you know?:n/a
Have you ever been in love?:yes
What would you say to the last person that broke your heart?:nothing. they are no longer relevant in my life.
What's the most morally wrong thing you've ever done?:I'm not telling you.
Have you ever kissed someone's boyfriend/girlfriend?:no
Who's your best friend?:corny answer- my hubz
Do you like Thanksgiving?:favorite holiday
What's the most intersting school subject?:spelling? since you can't.
What would you name your children if you had any?:let me decide if I want kids before I start naming them.
What would you do if you or your partner was pregnant right now?:I would die laughing, and want to find out who the mother is
Do you deal with pain well? :depends
Have you ever had braces or other appliances in your mouth?:yes
What do you think of tongue piercings?:meh. no thought
Would you ever get one?^^^:nope
How do you feel about marriage?:so far, so good
What time is it?:4:30pm
Do you like school?:yes
Where are you most frequently besides your house/work/school.:train
Have you ever liked someone you thought didn't know you existed?:que que? wtf with this question
How do you feel about labels?:in my clothes? i cut them out. labeling people? I'm in heaven.